any users of red wine modified teac al-700p amps?

anyone out there using this amp (or who purchased it only to decide on something else)? if so, comments please regarding satisfaction/dissatisfaction, sonics (initially and with break-in as compared to the stock unit if possible), system context and perceived synergy, etc. all the usual "audiofool" issues. thanks in advance for any and all input!
Hi Music doc you can find plenty of info over on Audiocircle. I bought one .....waiting for it to be modified though.
I also just put a order in for the Audio Sector Op-amps integrated. Maybe in the near future I'll get a chance to compare them. Looks like some good stuff though.It's also $1000 less than the Audio Zone AMP-1 . The Audio Zone Amp-1 was also designed by Peter Daniels. Buying straight from the designer has it's perks!

Srajan over at 6moons bought his review amplifer 6moons review of the Patek amplifier.

I've been eyeing this Tubed Dac out of Hong Kong as well Lite tubed DAC-72. I've got very promising reports on these units also.Might be a match made in heaven who knows..I'm planning to find out.