Any used amp as good as denon pma 2000ae ?

Hi, my budget for an amp is 800 bucks, i intend to buy a used one which is as good as denon pma 2000ae to play pop and rock. Could you please suggest any one? Thanks!
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For 800 bucks second-hand, i would say my favorite 2 amps are Forte 4 (Class A Solid State...50 watts) and if you're lucky, you might get a CJ MV60SE (though i generally see them above 1000)...60 watts/channel but many have said and written it sounds more like 100 watts.
The Forte mentioned above is very good, I'm an old guy and know alot of the older product well, if you need some power, I'd consider the Sumo Andromeda II or maybe a Hafler 9505. All depends on your speakers.
How about krell ksa 50 class A...
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Op, which speaker model you own?