Any UPS horror stories?

I'm waiting for a visit by a UPS damage control representative for the unit that's been mishandled by them. I want to show him experience any of you went through. If you have any horror stories that involves UPS, feel free to contact me. Thanks.

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GREAT READING,hellohifi!! I dont really have a horror story although 3 years ago I bought my first "hi-end" turntable.A thorens TD-166.What I was most psyched about was it was coming with a Black Widow arm.Well U.P.S.dropped it on my porch on its side despite arrors pointing up and needless to say the Black Widow snapped in half.No big deal.My dealer probably just threw the table and all away when I sent it back to him.I have since purchaced a Rega-25 and that greeted me on its side also.Just about 100% of the time they leave the box on its side or upside down despite big red arrows.They either cant see or they just dont care.I still use them but not for anything fragile anymore.