Any updates on the EMC spider clamp

I was thinking about picking up a spider for my EMC. Ran a search on 'spider' here, and all the comments seemed to be about when it would be available, haven't found anything saying it IS available, or more to the point, what effect it has on the players' performance. Anybody have any experience with it? I've seen it listed on some dealer's websites.
Electrocompaniet can't seem to get it together where the Spider is concerned. What I keep hearing is "2 to 3 weeks". I've been hearing that for 5 months now. Frankly, I've given up on the Spider and intend to go for the Empirical Audio mods as soon as I can afford them. Naturally, the mods are far more expensive (maybe a bit too), but I'm expecting great improvements, especially in what I feel is the EMC-1's greatest weakness, focus. The Spider is probably a nice little tweak that will produce minimal improvement. It ain't cheap either at 400 clams.