Any up to date recommendations on cartridges $300

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I own a ressurected Linn LP12 Vahalla, Pre Circus suspension, what cartridge would give a nice natural meaty sound with a large soundstage. anything out there, Would the Grado Prestige, Platnum series work with the Ittok LV11 tonarm?
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I have that same exact LP12/Vahalla/Ittok LVII setup using an Audio-Technica OC9 MC cartridge. When it is time for replacement, I will, without a doubt, purchase an Audio-Technica OC9 II MC which can be bought for under $300.00 from a number of outlets. The OC9 is a perfect match to the Ittok and sounds much better than anything I've heard in that price range and many others that are even more pricy.
Have a look at the Sumiko EVO MC range... they're very good for not too much!

D Visser
How about the Denon 110 or the Denon 160 High Output Moving Coils, I've read great things about those.