Any Tyler Acoustics owners out there?

I'm really leaning on pulling the trigger on a pair of PD-90's, but I'm hesitant because I can't find any reviews for that particular set of speakers or many reviews for his other lines.  Any opinions would be greatly appreciated!
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Its a relatively new speaker and branch of Tylor Acoustics.
Your success in finding a lot of opinions here may be some where between dim and bleek.
I have in the past asked for opinions regarding audio components, and honestly those that have a component and are not satisfied with it are going to think twice about listing the cons of the unit, since the sale of there component may be a future plan of there's.
Tyler does make a good speaker.  You could contact Tylor and ask what components, i.e. caps, speakers, wire, etc,; what from and how cabinets are made.  Tylor has sales at times, at cost way below the stated suggested retail. So what you see listed may not be the sellers actual purchase price.
The best way to tell is find an owner or go to Tylor, see if you can use your own amp, cables and have a listen.
I recently purchased a set of speaker that I purchased unheard.  I staked my purchase based on Steve Hoffman's (and others) recommendation.  I lucked out in  terms of the sound. I really like what I hear. But unfortunately, I was disappointed in cabinet quality details, which wasn't really covered in Steves H. review. So lesson to be learned.
Best of luck, take your time and obtain the facts, before you purchase.
Just remember theres a reason someone is selling the speakers used.
Ty is a great builder and is very accesible for his customers. 
The speakers are a great value IMHO.

I have a pair of D2X in ribbon mahogany and they look and sound awesome.

As with anything used there is a risk. 

If you buy from him directly he will give you a warranty and you can trade in to upgrade.


I am curious, what other speakers have you had that you  can compare the Pro Dynamics to.  This info may give me an idea of there type and level of sonics.
I have a high interest in high efficiency speakers.
  Also can you specify the type of caps, speakers, resistors, coils, wiring, etc.

Thank You

Don't forget the customary "free shipping" by buying direct from Ty...
What a great service.  Last time I had speakers shipped it was costly. Plus if you return them, you don't take a hit and loose a few hundred bucks

The PD-90's look like they use pro audio drivers for the woofers (using folded accordion surrounds).  That would match up with the extremely high 101db sensitivity.  I would be very careful with your equipment choice because these will be very susceptible to the background hiss caused by high gain audio circuits (commonly in preamps and even input stages of amplifiers).  They are also low impedance 4ohm speakers, which can be a challenge for some amplifiers to drive (especially on multiple-woofer configurations)  If you really need a VERY LOUD speaker with your current amp, this could be a nice choice.  But it really depends what kind of sound you are looking for.

I would actually recommend looking at Tyler Decade X SE series.  The "D2x SE" is the same price as the PD-90s you are looking at.  These SE series use the Seas Excel Magnesium drivers, which I have found to be extremely high resolution - clean and crisp and very exciting to listen to.  The Seas softdome tweeter has a slight tube like signature (when compared to diamond or beryllium tweeters), and it has a very nice sound.  As a result, this speaker is very forgiving and will sound great on a variety of equipment (though it might not sound as "real" as a diamond tweeter speaker).

If you have good earbuds or computer speakers, these videos can give you a sense of what the speaker sounds like:

The following are recordings of a set of speakers I built using the Seas Excel Magnesium drivers.

Hope this helps.

The regular Decade X Pro speakers that eldonparet has are going to sound smoother and more laid back (because they don't have the magnesium woofers).  Definitely not as crisp/clean.  They do sound good, but it's for a different demographic.  As I said, it really depends on what kind of sound you are looking for.

And looking at PD series:

They use horn based tweeters and pro-audio style drivers.  They have their own sound.  I think they were going for a Klipsch horn-based type of style, but they didn't quite make it.  They sound okay, but definitely don't have the warmth, clarity and liveliness of the Klipsch (such as Forte III).

I own Tyler D 10's, 6'2" tall and 260 lbs each. They play delicate jazz with aplomb, or produce a Zeppelin concert in your house.  They're sensitive and don't necessarily require much power, although I usually power them with Bel Canto Ref 500 m's and use a CJ classic preamp.  These speakers sound extraordinary, even in my moderate size room.  Tyler custom made these with 500 watt amps for the woofers.  You can find this particular pair used for around 5k, which is an extraordinary bargain. The wood cabinets are beautiful.  Call Tyler if you have questions, he's a fine gentleman, will answer the phone, and spend as much time talking to you as you would like.  He's a very proud speaker manufacturer and makes an outstanding, affordable product.  These will be my last speakers.  
I have made the purchase of a set of cherry PD-90's.  I can't wait to get them, put them through the paces.  This should be a major step up for me as I am currently replacing a Polk Rti setup.  Time will tell!
Congratulations upon your purchase!
Please keep us posted and let us know your thoughts when you have an oppertunity to use them.
Great choice my friend.  If you can take a break from listening send us a report.  
I also own a pair of Tyler Acoustics D10 speakers.  I purchased them used, but directly from Ty.  Fantastic speakers, and I would purchase from him again in a second.
Just wanted to give a long overdue update on my PD-90s. I really have enjoyed these speakers!! The soundstage they create is incredible. They dont have quite the low end i like so I have them paired with dual klipsch R-115 15 inch subs. With this combination I can have a full on rock concert in my living room with music that you can feel in your chest. At the same time I can ease up on the volume a bit and pick out every detail of Otis Reddings or BB Kings hits. If you want true audio nirvana just give yourself a few hours and watch David Gilmours live in Pompeii blu ray and prepare to be amazed. I would tell anyone that is looking to make the step up from a mass market speaker to check out Tyler’s offerings. Dont let the MSRP scare you, he will work with you.
I absolutely love my D3mX’s!  They are not going anywhere anytime soon, which is saying a lot for me.

I have the upgraded Morel Cat tweeters, front port and black ash finish  The black ash finish is awesome!  Really deep and textured oak veneer.  I’ve never seen an oak finish, or even black wood finish, that I liked more :-) Super nice looking and they sound fantastic.  I just got some IsoAcoustic Iso200’s under them today and am happier than a pig in chit!