Any tweaks recommded for under cd player?

I have a lector cdp7 cd player looking for some tweaks under the cd to get a little more extended on the high?
Any recommendation out there?
Thanks in advanced
While there are probably several that would work, why not mention which ones that you have tried or are using now so that we dont mention them again ?

Seeing that you have been a member for a while now, and have plenty of feedback, participate in the forums, I am sure you have tried a few tweaks here and there.
Star Sound Audiopoints.........
I use stillpoints, doesn't really extend the high end but makes it more defined, improved sound stage depth and adds clarity. I have at times tried to remove the stillpoints as I struggle with $1200 worth of little black cones under my equipment but the stereo is just a little shallow without them. They seemed to make the biggest difference under the amp, then preamp and phono then CDP. But a difference under each.
Brass cones:Audio Points,Mapleshade or the Bear Claws.All available used and the BCs are available thru AudioGon.
Black Diamond Racing, cones, pucks , shelves. The progression for ease of presentation but still detailed and dynamic.
New Item: Blackholes. These were developed by Peter at Red Point Audio. Dan Wright at Modwright is handling distribution. I bought a set of 3 for under my Phono Pre.
I have had just about all of the tweaks out there. These did so much more then any I had used in the past. At this time I was without a CD player in my main system. I did have a 13 year old Sony that was used in my HT years ago.
I thought, why not. I put the Blackholes under this 13 year old player and you would swear it took it to many levels above what it was.
I then ordered my second set that day.
Thanks for all the responses, the only tweak I had tried is Shumook super cone current under mine pre-amp, does not sound good under mine cd player, the player is sitting on original cone and piece of maple platform would like to get little more extended out on the high.
I've tried BDR cones, FIM 305 roller balls, Herbie's Tenderfeet and some
others but these three are the ones worth mentioning. Right now my best
transport is on BDR cones plus Herbie's grounding bases. My second-string
player is on Herbie's Tenderfeet.

By the way, is you haven't treated your player's AC electrical supply, this is
worth exploring. Power cords and transformer isolation have helped every
CDP I've had.
Yes the cd player is plug into hydra with purist dominus pc both with fluid and ferrox version ic is proteus provectus.
Rollerblocks of any kind have always worked well under the transports and CD players I've tried them on. They provide some isolation while enhancing a clean and crisp sound, kind of like spikes in that way but with built in vibration control to boot.

Pick any three mentioned thus far and try them.

As you can see, there is seldom a consensus recommendation when it comes to tweaks.

Oh yeah, I'll add Grand Prix Audio Apex footers...
I've got my Meridian on a Neuance shelf (, on top of some small Michell tenderfeet (available all over). Didn't try anything else before this setup in terms of isoloation, but realy pleased with how this combo works. Can't speak to what it may have done for extension, but the improvement in focus and pacing was palpable.
Any one tried the marigo labs mystery feet?
Over the years I've tried BDR Cones [didn't like either flavor], Blue Circle cones, Mapleshade brass cones, but liked the Neuance Shelf the best.
I use the BDR cones on a shelf directly below my CDP 7TL MkIII. I have the cones screwed directly into the threaded holes in the gold feet where Lector's own small cones can be threaded. No vibration issues whatsoever. Other things that may affect/improve the high frequencies include changing tubes, changing IC's, and CD treatments and mats.
Another vote for Starsound (Sistrum), having done a bit of comparing myself over the years. This works best to my ears. I thought Neuance went out of business? Agree with Grant - pick a few and try them yourself. By used, sell at no or little loss. Dean, what the heck are you doing out round this neighborhood?
You might find this helpful:
Can you tell me which version BDR you use also any improvement? I am using some telefunken 801s at the moment, also have a pair of mullard 1950 square getter.
How is the mullard gold pin compare to the non goldpin?
thanks all for replies
Good isolation, a top notch power cord and good balanced (if provided for) are keys to smooth high end for any CDP. I use the HRS M3 isolation base and Analysis Plus cords and cables.

Playing around with the feet can help, but it's totally dependent on what's under the feet (solid dense wood, solid soft wood, composite wood, pure granite, granite composite, acrylic, etc., etc.). Your results will vary widely unless you invest in a complete isolation system, such as or similar in to HRS.

Can't remember for sure and would have to take them off. They are screwed into the mfg feet in the bottom. Lector wisely uses only three feet so the player sits without rocking. The cones are supported directly on a BD Shelf which is supported on an air platform then a very well reinforced oak rack. I am sure others have different ideas about support and isolation, but this combination works for me. I view the support as letting the player do what it does with out disruption, whereas I think tubes and cables can be used to more actively achieve a certain "sound" whatever that sound is to you.
This is thinking out of the box. I put my tube cd player on a sofa cushion and everything improved the highs,imaging and bass response.It cost me nothing 'just used from an old couch I don't have anymore. Just kept a couple of the cushions.Lokks like old yellow foam used from old cars from the 70's interior usage.
I think a leveled player is important as well, so the sofa cushion intrigues me. I had the walker audio valid points and replaced with the Finite Elements cera pucs-very happy with sound. I do agree that power cord, line conditioner and interconects-balanced for me-are the foundation, and then, isolation. All work together with synergy and then, when it all clicks-along with a great cd player, preamp, etc, digital, well, finally sounds good. SACD does blow my mind. Not always the emotional connection that vinyl gives me, but a very pleasing, musical experience.
"Ceramic" foot sanding stones at Walgreen's etc for ~$5.00.
goone: The mystery feet work very well under my cd player.
I tried Herbie's Tenderfoot under my cdp. It improved the quality of the denon cdp.
Has anyone else tried these Herbies Tenderfeet and did they find anything that was better?

I also tried cork/rubber anti vibration pads and they also helped a little.
Use Aurios under my CEC TL-1X transport after trying many other solutions (Ceraballs, Plycrystal, BDR, etc.) Aurios was the ticket.

Same exercise under my Dodson 218 DAC. Result: Herbie's Tenderfeet best. Fleshed out sound, wideneded soundstage. Immediate audible improvement.

Only way to know is to experiment, unfortunately. Too many variables for one-size-fits-all solution.