Any tweaks I'm missing?

I have lots of ’tweaks’ added to my system.

Is there anything I’m missing?

A small cupboard, so no power conditioner possible.

A smallish budget, so most probably no Gate to try.

One small request...

Can the negative knobs please refrain from commenting.

I’m not interested in what you think of me, the products you have not tried, or my spending habits.

Only those who have experiences of possible additions, would be much appreciated.

Upgraded over the last year:

Chokes on electrical items with a switched mode power supply
Halide Bridge USB to coaxial reclocker
Akiko Triple AC Power Enhancer
Audio Prism Ground Control spades on speakers
RCA shorting plugs for inputs on my amp.
Akiko Tuning Caps on amp outputs.
Akiko Fuse Box Tuning Chip.
1 x Shumann Resonator Chatres SE + power supply

1 x Schumann Resonator CHARTRES Mk3

Black Ravioli pads for amp, Dac and power supply

Vibrapod isolation cones and feet
Akiko Universal Tuning Sticks on speaker cables.
iFi AC iPurifier.
MCRU Mains Filtration plug
Mad Scientist Nitro Nano power cables.
’LOA audio tweak’ chip.
Signal Ground solutions SGS-1 Groundng Box.
3 x Bybee iQSE - one on power board.
High Fidelity Cables MC-0.5
XLR Noise Stopper Caps.
Russ Andrews ’The Silencer.’
Audioquest Jitterbug.
iFi USB Silencer.
SR Orange fuses

PPT Omega + EMat to trial

Mad Scientist Graphene Contact Enhancer to apply
Mad Scientist Donuts coming.



I think you are right...

All my tweaks are homemade and often created by me, introduced one by one for the last 2 years...… Always improving, no negative, easy to correct any negative if you control all , materials and homemade product, except the cheap Schumann generator that I had modify...

My system will look like trash for most people, but the sound was more than very good, not at the start at all but after all , cleaning. controlling, modifying tweaks, this "trash"  system sound Hi-FI… My system section contains photos...
+1 geoffkait LMAO. 
+1 mijostyn still tears. Very good everyone. Enjoying all. 

That might be the most extensive list of "tweaks" I have ever seen. What is it you are trying to fix? This has always amazed me, why would a well thought out and set up system need all of these tiny little adjustments? Different isn't always better. I won't make any friends with this statement but here goes, I have found most "tweaks" make little if any audible improvement in sound. I've tried many and always felt underwhelmed. That's me. Build your system from the ground up with synergy and set-up first. Seems like you are putting band-aids on without understanding why....
Any tweaks must be made by ourself, designed specifically with our own ears for masters designer...

My system also is heavily tweaked, but almost all homemade, and with no negative, because the correction is made on the spot, and any successive tweaks that degrade the sound will be automatically modified... You cannot make that with costly out of the box ready audiophile products...The proof is in the pudding, in the last 2 years all my tweaks produce only an always positive cumulative effect...Why? Because it is my ears that has created these audible effects with my brain imaging the materials to produce or modify it to pleasure my ears, gradually, one weeks after the other, it was fun,... The total cost is less than the cost of a piece of gear ...One of my most extraordinary tweaks cost peanuts...

Lacking money and dreaming HI-FI, I takes that like a fun challenge, I read a lot, I was inspired, buying almost nothing except basic materials to makes my own creation...

Then having a lot of tweaks is not the problem at all "per se", if all is designed by the same ears on the same room, with the same system; otherwise antagonism between parts and industrial ready made products makes impossible an optimal synergy that is possible only with tweaks obeying the constraints of your unique et individual system, in a unique room, in an totally unique electrical grid and acoustical atmosphere... My best...

The good news is the cost is ridiculous, and the result astounding....The bad news for some is you must think and read and inform yourself....But it is more fun, a more lasting fun, than buying something...And I am proud not from exhibition of a luxury object but proud to have create luxury musical object with almost trash….Look at " my system section" photos, compare it to others systems, and laugh at me, but remember that I will laugh the last laughs...My best to all...