Any "turn-key" Hi-end Turntable...

...that doesn't require complicated "set-up"? In 1-2k range, to play right out of the box, minus cartridge adjustment, off course! Thanks!
I have heard the same of rega's - from a long time vinyl guy. He also commented that his old linn lp12 was great sounding, but constantly needed adjustment.
The two choices that come to mind are the Rega tables with their RB300 or RB600 arms, and the VPI HW-19 "Jr." or Mk III with the AudioQuest PT-6 or Rega arms. Both systems are excellent, and represent high value for the dollar. If you want a TRULY turnkey solution, you should also look seriously at Thorens turntables,k which are available in several prices ranges, and include their own arm. I have owned Thorens tables, and believe they deserve in the high-end audio press.