Any tube rec's on Vandersteen 5's

Fellow Agoners, I'm looking for tube recommendations for the Vandersteen 5 series. I am looking to spend no more than $2800 used and think somewhere between 80 to 100+ watts might be sufficient.

Have Joule LA150 mk 2 pre and Ayre CX7e CDP and some synergistic and Nordost cabling and nice Nordost conditioning systems. Also have decent vinyl system that comes and goes based on room availability.

Looking for something on the warmer side of ARC VS series.
I'm considering the VAC musicblocks. I've owned an Avatar SE in the past and liked it with my devore 9's, but am wondering if the VAC Vandersteen combo might be a tad warm.

I really look for dimensionality in a pure band setup format but tonal accuracy is also important to me.
Unless your room is smallish, you should be thinking of more watts. Get the best amp you can since the Vandersteen 5 series is a true reference speaker. Have a Vandersteen dealer set it up properly.
Try Quicksilver. The V4 mono blocks would be great. If you're on the East Coast, give John Rutan a call at Audio Connection in Verona, New Jersey. Good luck.
Are your Hi-Pass Filters SE or balanced? Most V-4's are SE!!! I've owned the VS-115 and the V-4's and preferred the V-4's "fuller" sound plus they are easy to bias, built like a tank(trouble free) and can run a wide variety of tubes types!!!! I used them with 3A Sigs and two 2Wq subs, a similar sound to the 5's.
Cayin 100 will to the trick.
Agree with Stringreen; get a great amp. The speakers deserve it.

Pairing them with a Cayin 100 is like putting retread tires on a Z-06 Corvette.
I had the Phi 300.1, Quickie V-4's in SE and another pair in balanced all on the Vandersteen 5A's. I have owned two of Vac's KT-88 amps, the other being the Standard 220 Signature. IMHO, the Vac's are not warm for a tube amp. Not in any of my setups anyway. I have heard their Renaissance amps, and that amp has more of a classic tube sound. They are both very good amps, so it comes down to synergy. I think think the V-4's were a very nice match with the 5's. If it were me, I would go with the Quicksilver's, simply because of synergy. The Nines are waaay easier to drive than the 5's, so keep this in mind as well. If your room is on the small/medium, V4's should be enough. I would not use any less than the V-4, power wise. Just noticed your price range. Grab the V-4's if your room is not too big. Great support, easy to resell if you don't like them.
There's a pair of Rogue M-150 monoblocks on the 'gon right now for $2400. These are a fabulous combo with the Quatros, and I'm sure they'd be just as good with the 5s.
Thank you all for the feedback and recommendations. These speakers are part of a level of our house that is 28 by 32, it is an open floor-plan and the listening area is around 14 by 20, however it is open behind.

I currently have an ARC 100.2 and find it has plenty of power for the upper drivers and the bass is handled by the sub amp. I must admit it is unusual for me, however I don't know the impedance curve of this speaker. I've searched a few times but I can't find a good graph. From what you are all saying however they want upwards of 100 wpc.

I have been looking at the V4 but also the auricle monos or maybe even the Ayre SS amps. Summer is approaching here in NE so I'm not concerned about rushing into a large tube setup, but I always miss the glow and energy of tubes when they are out of my system.

Stringreen and Audiofeil, what would you go with at around 3k tube or SS?

Thanks again. I'd spend more but my Z-06 is in the shop.
The speaker is 8 ohms and friendly to tubes.
I also have Vandy 5A's and they sing with the Ayre SS amp I use. But that's neither here nor there, given that your question is about tube amplification.

Within your budget, there is currently a pair of VTL MB125s on the 'Gon. I've heard other VTL amps work well with Vandy speakers and I think these might be a real match.

I have no relationship with the seller.

However you choose to go, enjoy those great speakers. Happy listening!
I had the VTL 750's on the 5A's as well. I still would go with the Quicksilver in your price range.
One of the best sounding rooms at CES a few years ago was Vandy 5s with Elrod cables and Joule Electra electronics. Think the source was a VPI Scoutmaster, but not sure if I recall correctly.

VZN100s would be a great match, especially since you already use a Joule pre. Cheers,

We have taken customers VTL 450s in trade which are fine amps toward the Quicksilver Balanced V4s
The QV4 V5 combination just works and with Tungsol KT 120s puts the V4s amps on another level add in semi cool run Temp & issue free operation.
FYI yes i am a dealer for both
Cheers Johnnyr
Any idea how a pair of Manley Snappers would compare to the V4's? I've done a little research on the V4's and they look like a great pairing.
I am successfully using Atma-Sphere MA-1 amps with the Vandy 5A's and it is a wonderful combination. It has a rich midrange with tons of detail and texture, airy highs which float and decay a spooky realistic way, and bass that has authority, depth, and definition. All of this while producing a sound stage that is very deep and wide.

Putting all that praise aside, the most important aspect to me is that the Atma-Sphere/Vandersteen combination does an incredible job of drawing me into the music and allowing me to make an emotional connection to the music that other amps simply can't do. This translates into me wanting to listen more often and for longer periods of time.

I have tried amps from McCormack, Pass, Meridian, Sunfire, Moscode, Jeff Rowland, VAC, Cary, Rogue, Dodd, and many others and none have given me the level of enjoyment that the Atma-Sphere amps do - highly recommended.

I had v4 with my 5a it was a great match and low maintenance unless you are willing to invest about twice the money the v4 are a great match to the speakers and hard to beat. I could of got other amps on several occasions but the v4 are one of the amps I have had forever and outlasted almost everything else in my system. I have sevens comming so I upgraded my amps but I should have my v4 on audio gone in a couple of weeks keep an eye out they where just serviced last year as well and have upgraded triggers. Might be a little high for your budget though but anything lower is a pretty severe compromise.
Another big plus for the V-4's is they can run KT-88's, 6550's, EL-34's or 6L6's!!!!! Also there is some wiggle room with bias settings for even more versatility!!!!!! All that equals a lot of possibilities for you to taylor the sound to what you like, without having to sell your amps to try different tubes!
I've heard the the Vandy 5's sound sublime with Audio Research, albeit more expensive ones than your budget might allow. Still, less expensive AR's might carry over well.