Any Tube Int. Amps w/ a phono built in?

Does anyone make one that has a phono input?


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Unison Research Unico Integrated Amplifier. The phono input is a reasonable option. Don't know how good it is though.
VAC Avatar can be purchased with phono ... excellent sounding unit the few times I ahve heard it.
Bat vk300 has optional phono input
My Scott 222C and my Knight KN724A both come standard with phono stages. Of course they are both 40+ years old. :-)
Copland CTA-402. One of the best (and underrated) tube integrated ever built.
The norh 18wpc is you want to go economical. Haven't heard it.
Go to for more options.
Try Anthem electronics, a division of Sonic Frontiers, if they still exist. A relatively budget line, fantastically well-built, 40 watts, had a phono stage as an option.

For a real budget set-up, try an Antique Sound Lab integrated, they sound terrific, with a tiny outboard phono stage for roughly $150 U.S., new. I know this is not built-in, but you can't beat it for the money, and it is tiny.
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