Any tube DACs with tight bass?

From a number of reviews of tubed DAC's, a common theme seems to be that the bass can be soft/loose/ripe/etc. I realize that one is unlikely to find Krell/Levinson/Wadia bass from such designs, but which tube DAC's give well-defined bass as well as rich, full mids? (I'm not worried about "rolled-off" highs... this is usually welcome on most CD's).
I own the Manley Ref Tube DAC that has absolutely incredible bass extension. But I also had the VTL Ref Tube DAC for a couple months at the same time. The VTL had a little more of the lowest bass presence but it was not clear which of the two units was more accurate. Neither has any of the bass qualities that you described of typical tube DACs.

Overall for me, the Manley was more smooth, natural sounding and simply had a greater musical presence. And the Manley DAC's build quality is vastly superior. Both of these units are not easy to find on the used market. Expect the Manley to be in the $3000-3500 range and the VTL in the $1700-2500 range.

Audio Logic makes an outstanding tube DAC. There is a review by Agon member rcprince for this DAC. The Electrocompaniet was a little deeper but the AL equaled the Chord DAC 64 in my system. The AL DACs used are around $2K.

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Try the Musical Fidelity TriVista-21 DAC. Awesome!
Best tube dacs I heard are.
Jadis JS-1. This is a one bit tube dac.
This Jadis is from the mid to late 90s.
It sounded so airy and smooth. The power supply was a tubed power supply.

Jadis JS-2 MkII This is the 24 bit dac version.

Metronome C1A DAC and C20 Signature Dac.
These tube dacs sound phenominal.

Musical Fidelity TRI-VISTA 21 DAC
One of the best.

Audio Logic a longtime favorite.
Ditto on the Audio Logic, i just got a minty model 34 to replace my long stand-by modded Alpha, this thing really rocks out in a MAJOR way, plus it has four tubes for me to roll if i want to. It's a definate keeper.
the new updated audiologic model 24 with the transformers
might be the best tube DAC any place . you will never go wrong with any audiologic product. as for bass it is as good as any DAC that i have ever heard.