any tried Still Points?

I have heard about the new Still Points isolation devices. Do they work and in what aplications? I have talked with 2 dealers--1 says the are great and the other was kind of luke warm on them. Would I be better off saving my money and just buying Vibrapods? thanks
I have not tried them, but if you are new to isolation tweaks I suggest you experiment with the low cost Vibrapods. Try several different versions of them under different components and note the changes. Once you are comfortable that there are indeed changes in the sound, move up to more expensive cones and/or bearing devices one component at a time. There are generally many such items for sale used right here and the forum archives have many DIY projects as well. Isolation tweaks can be a very cost effective method to improve even a modest system.
I tried the Still Points under my Berning Siegfried 300B amp, and they made a significant difference in the sound, for the better. Greater harmonic richness, soundstaging and "blackness" of the background. I haven't done A/B tests with other products, but I can give them an enthusiastic thumbs up.
I will have to whole heartedly agree with Davidz. Have been using the still points under my cd player and amp. I have heard the MIB 1.0-1.2 as well as the pro's in my system and in my opinion these are superior to them all. The MIB's have a tendency to open up the top end at the risk of making it "too" airy to the point of being unnatural. The Still Points on the other hand bring the music back "down" to earth. The highs still retain their detail, but are able to achieve a solidity, and stability that is awesome. Soundstaging, imaging, timbre and harmonic richness are also greatly improved. When listening to string instruments such as a grand piano, I have been able to hear harmonic overtones and resonant decay unlike any I have ever heard. The bass also has become more articulate and has more impact. These little guys really help in allowing the listener to hear further into the music with out adding any deleterious effects of their own, unlike many other similar products out there. If you are looking for a cost effective(considering performace-to-price ratio)these are a good place to start.

P.S. these are in no way tweaky to set up. No shims. No sliding around. Just put in place and enjoy.
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Is there a website for stillpoints either from the manufacturer or through a dealer. Thanks.
I just got a set today. Put them under my Berning 270; I hadnt read the above comments from Kris and Davidz beforehand, because I didn't want to set up any expectation bias. Reading the comments now I have to agree 100% with Kris and Davidz; imaging seems more stable and defined, bass seems tighter, and it's easier to hear which instrument is producing the bass, as opposed to just hearing what the note is. It was almost like going from wearing my glasses to wearing my contacts--I can see fine with the glasses, but every time I put my contacts in, it's like "Wow, everything is so much clearer and sharper". Same thing with stillpoints. I'm going to order another pair for my CD player. In response to pgleekel's question, I got mine through Allan at Hellosimplymusic.
Are Still Points made of metal? If so, are they any metal that can react magnetically, like ferrous alloys? If they are, they shouldn't be used near the Berning products. I don't know about Still Points, but after reading about some of you Berning owners using them, I am interested. But I wanted to be sure that there would be no ferrous metal interaction with the amps, as all Berning ZOTL amps are sensitive to metals that can be magnetically attracted. Also, I looked up Still Points on Google, and didn't turn up anything that looked like isolation devices. How do I find out about them?
The Still Points are Ceramic Bearings housed in what appeares to be aluminum cone. No Ferrous metal at all. This is one of the reasons I chose to use them under my amp. I too have a Berning 270. The ZOTL products as you know are very sensitive to many different exterior influences(vibration, metal,etc..) the still points do a superior job at controlling them.
Twl, to see a picture of the Still Points go to, not much info but good pics.
Thanks, Kris. Nice pics. I'll definitely look into these.
Kris, Twl, maybe you've already done this, but if you read the comment page, the manufacturer responds to a 'review' with a lot of detail about how the stillpoints are made, what the materials are, etc.
I have receved the points and have been using them for the past couple of days after posting this question. I do find that they help with clarity focus and seem to help me hear more in to the music. Thanks
I made a mistake in a previous post here and left the wrong contact information about where I got the stillpoints. It should be Allan at, not hellosimplymusic. Sorry.