Any transport suggestions for AR DAC1? Krell md2?

Dear all,

At the moment I have the following system: Audio Research SP11 pre, Classé 25 amp, Audio Research Dac1-20 dac, Accuphase DP60 cd-player (which I use as a transport) and B&W 802 mk3 speakers. Very happy with it.

I'm considering to buy a decent transport to replace the Accuphase. I have to buy it second hand so its difficult to try it at home before buying. Does anyone have suggestions? Is a Krell md2 a good choice? And a PS audio Lambda?

Thanks for the advice!
I would advice you to look for the Krell md-1 instead or md-10.
Why wouldn't you use the matching Audio Research transport? Aren't they designed to work together?
Currently my system is: totem hawk, creek destiny intergrated amp, northstar dac mk1 and pc as source, I think the weakest link in my system is the source, any suggestions?

Thanks for advice in Advance!!!!
Thanks a lot guys, problemen solved: bought a Krell kps-20i, it blows away all the redbook cd-equipment I ever had..