Any Totem owners in Houston?

Not expecting this thread will be long butI'm just wondering if there is anyone out there in Houston owns any pairs of Totem speakers that could allow and welcome me stopping by for a quick listen.
I'd die to have the Totem to be auditioned in my own system, but I think that would be too much to ask.....
Willing to drive 100 miles radius.
I was in your same shoes a few months back - I think the closest dealer is Galen Carol in San Antonio. I ended up getting Dynaudios instead. Hard to believe the 4th largest city in hte US does not have a Totem dealer.
portland oregon is in the same boat. only 1 dealer has them and i won't step foot into that store. i usually listen to them at CES or buy a pair off a'gon.i have had over 5 pairs of totems and they were all excellent. i use a couple pairs of mani 2's now along with totem's taw in-wall speakers in my den.
If you're willing to come up to Austin, Tube Dreams here is a Totem dealer, but they only stock the smaller speakers because the larger models present too difficult a load for most of the tube amplifier gear that he carries.. There was also a home theater outfit that carried Totem, but I believe they've gone belly up in this lousy economy. Sad.
Oh, and the Audiogoner here in Austin to whom I sold my Arro's recently might let you come to his place to hear them. Message me offline if you're interested.
I have a pair of Mani-2's with Totem stands that I had up for sale. Got a couple of bites but no sale. Which model are you looking at? Are you down in Clear Lake?
PM sent.