Any TIVO users out there??

I have seen a 'demo' of the TiVo digital video recorder and want to get responses from current users. Is it worth the $? Is it difficult to use with a satellite system?
I have had a Tivo since the first of the year. I am in the process of having my unit replaced for the second time. Ordinarily, I would be upset, except for the fact that they are so good about standing behind their product. Telephone assistance is generally helpful. Once you get used to it, operation couldn't be simpler. In fact, I think it is easier to use than straight satelite. It combines cable and satelite or antenna and satelite into one continuous series of channels. No more flipping back and forth. Once you get one, you'll never watch tv the same way again. No more channel surfing because nothing's on. Zap right through those commercials. You just periodically go through and select which shows you want to watch for the week. The coolest feature by far is the "Season Pass". It lets you select a program just once and it will keep on recording that program from now until the cows come home, or until you tell it not to. You don't even have to know which channel or what time a show is on, Tivo finds it like a faithful bloodhound and automatically records it for you. Even if the show goes on hiatus for a couple of weeks or months, Tivo remembers and records it for you. Word of advice, get the one with the bigger memory. Otherwise, you'll constantly have it full.
Excuse me,I know I didn't start this thread.I have a couple of related questions.How do tvo and replay tv compare/differ? Monthly fee? Picture/sound quality? Can you bypass the box? I have read several reviews,I understand about recording speed/ long play loss.Is there loss in just hooking it up?
I have owned TiVo for 6 mo. The modem in the unit went on the blink last week. TiVo is sending me a new unit as we speak, this was sort of disappointing but hopefully this does not represent a problem in quality control. The point: I am going crazy without it !!!! I mean this seriously, I would rather do without my microwave oven. !!! TiVo is by far the best electronic component I've ever purchased. I own over $35,000 in electronics, some of the componets were over $5,000 dollars each, and still I like TiVo the best. TiVo works the best if you have either Sat. or cable or both. I don't usually post letters anywhere but I feel that strongly about this that I took the time. I'm so sick of commercials !!! You will never have to watch a commercial again!!! and being able to pause live TV is so nice. Do you know some 30 min shows, like your local news on Sat. & Sun nights have 13 min of programing and 17 min of commercials !!!! With TiVo it easy to keep track of these things. Think of what this product will do to the 60 billion dollars spent on advertising a year, when everybody learns how great this product is, and buys one and than stops watching commercials !! The advertising industry is already worried about this. I think it might be a good time to buy stock in TiVo, it's trading at about $20.00 a share under the call sign of "tivo". The company is backed buy large companys like AOL,DirectTV and more. Walmart is going to start selling them soon for $300. Anyone that comes to my house and uses it for a short while goes out and buys there own. Need I say anymore.
Is it compatible with DD 5.1? What about picture/sound quality?
No Tivo does not record in 6 channels, It is designed for recording Television!!! It does that very well too, unlike vcr's that record 2/3 of the tv picture, tivo records the entire picture, with great effects ( pause, slow mo, fast forward ) Tivo can record up to 450 lines of resolution. Standard TV is about 330 lines. Make no mistake this is NOT a digital vcr.!!! It is one of the best products I have ever used. 2 channel sound quality is far better than hifi vcr's.