Any tips for DCM TimeFrame speakers?

Hello everyone. I am looking for some advice about how to get the most out these speakers. I don't have the original manual, but hope that many of you have had a set of Timeframe speakers at some point.
I still have the pair TF6's I bought new in 1991. A very nice speaker but they take as much or more work as any speaker I have ever owned to set up. There is a right and left and that is important. They need to be out from the back wall 3 to 4 feet and away from the side walls at least 18 inches. Toe them in so they point 3 or 4 feet behind your seating position. This should be a decent starting point. Keep them symmetrical in their relationship to the back and side walls. If you have not done so, read the Cardas site's speaker set up page. Have fun...
Send me your fax or address. I'll send you a copy of the manual. What I have is only like 2 pages. These are neat speakers and envelope you in sound. My only beef with them is the limited range. They work best with a sub and supertweeters......
DCM Windows was my first step into insanity, still on peoples top ten speakers of all time on these best of forums