Any "tiny" DVD players ???

While i've posted this before, i haven't made any progress in my search. I'm looking for a "tiny" DVD player for my bedroom system. This will do double duty to listen to CD's and play movies ( on occasion ). I recently sold my Audio Alchemy Digital Drive III and now am without CD capability in this system.

I'm trying to keep size down to a minimum in order to preserve space and match the rest of the components. For the record, i'm using a Quad FM 4 tuner, Quad 44 preamp and a Quad 405 power amp. These pieces run about 13.5" - 14" wide and about 5" tall. Depth is not a problem either way. Speakers are homebrews consisting of stand mounted satellites that are very similar in design to the Sequerra Metronome's (pyramid shaped cabinet with a staggered baffle, 6.5" mid-woofer and i'm using a soft dome instead of a cone tweeter). These are running from 80 Hz up and everything below that is fed to a pair of downloaded 10" woofers in sealed cabinets. I'm using DIY interconnects, XLO speaker cables to the satellites and DIY cables to the two subs.

The only thing that i've found that is "compact" is an Apex unit that can be run off either AC or DC. It is about the size of a CAL Delta Transport from what i can recall. The one advantage to this unit is that i also have a Sequerra PS-1 that i could use to power it. Since it would be running off of the fully charged battery within the Sequerra, this would / should eliminate some of the "digital nasties" from polluting the rest of the system via the AC outlets.

I would LOVE to hear any suggestions or comments as i need to do something with this relatively soon. My girlfriend is the prime user of this system and she thinks that i'm neglecting her by not taking care of the situation. "If it was one of YOUR systems, you would have already bought two or three players".... : ) Sean

PS... HELP !!!!
Do you have a computer in your room? Put one in it.
Teac has a mini component line w/ a dvd player for around $700 retail but I'm sure it could be found cheaper
No computer in the bedroom, Sugar. I think my girlfriend would walk out the door if i tried to put one in there. She is not happy with how much time i "waste" on MY version of the "one eyed monster". Her "one eyed monster" is the TV.

I had forgotten all about the Teac stuff. I'll have to check into that. All of their stuff is available on heavy discount, so the price might be quite "workable". Thanks for the tip Mike.

If there are any others, please keep them coming. I do appreciate it. Sean
That TEAC unit is available online thru several retailers. In fact, that's the only component missing from my mini "Reference" system in MY bedroom. It has the added bonus of onboard Dolby Digital decoding. Right now, is offering these components at considerable discounts, some auctions with no reserve. THIS ISN'T A PLUG FOR UBID. But that $700 DVD player has been going for around $200- $250 per unit. New, factory sealed, and full warranty.

It IS a great opportunity for you get a good deal on some very attractive, mid-fi gear for a second system. And judging by the reviews on, the gear is just poorly marketed, not poorly built.

Philips also makes a "micro" standalone DVD player. Good luck.
I've seen the Teac gear up close and personal although I don't own any. The equipment appears to be very well built and the sound was very decent (I was looking more at the Teac audio stuff).

As for using a computer, personally I wouldn't want to wait for the computer to boot up, look into yet another space consuming CRT monitor to operate the computer, launch the appropriate software, and listen to the computer fan noise in the background just to watch a DVD. Sometimes it makes more sense to buy the standalone "appliance" like an inexpensive DVD player. Good luck.