Any thoughts or opinion about WEIZHI PRS-6

A fairly new product from a small Audio company based in Taiwan. Could they play in the big league with this expensive PRS-6 POWER DISTRIBUTOR ? Is at 3,200$ MRSP worth every pennies?

Owners of this product that is the opportunities to share your experience, also wich power cord are you using with the PRS-6 ?
A/B with my Purepower 1050 it was a little quieter and had a fuller body sound. A more organic sound and less mechanical sounding.

15% better than PP would be on the high end.

It is smaller than PP and works as good if not better. It does need a high $$$ AC cable were the PP does not.

Find one used for high price and give it a go.

Aaudio Imports was selling them but dropped them for another brand. I am sure its as good if not better for a lot more $$$. Knowing Brian its a lot better LOL.