Any thoughts or experiences with DH Labs cables

DH Labs seems to be a good value for the bucks. Anyone out there had any personal experiences and comparisons to other, more well known, more expensive brands?
Cables are a very personal choice given your system and tastes. That said, DH Labs cables are very good for the money and a big step up over the generic stuff, but I wouldn't put them in a bright system or it'll probably just get brighter(I had the BL1 interconnects and T14 cables in my system). Another good choice at this price point is Zu Cable( which was just as detailed but less bright sounding in my system, and they are also very worthy of an audition and offer a 30-day free trial. Best of luck.

I used BL-1 and T14s up until a year ago. The switch to Analysis Plus yielded a smoother, fuller sound. At times, the DH Lab combo reproduced startlingly real percussion and other details, but overall I couldn't live with the tipped up treble and zippiness that these cables produced on all the CDs I played. Recently I switched to an all Virtual Dynamics setup. A very detailed AND smooth package that delivers a huge soundstage and lifelike images. But as Soix advises, cables and cords a re very system dependent, so if you can audition them with your gear. Depending on your room acoustics, gear and taste in music the DH Labs may be a good economical choice for you.
I have BL-1s on my secondary sources and I would say that both these gentlemen have hit the nail on the head. Since my secondary sources have rolled off highs to begin with these work out pretty nicely for me. I haven't tried the Air Matrix or whatever their better cable is but it did get some nice reviews.

I don't know what your budget is and if you are planning on buying new or used. I used the BL-1's for several years and and was happy until I finally switched over to the Harmonic Tech Pro-Sliway (used here on Agon). Difference of night and day. Could not beleive the difference. If your budget will allow, I would highly recomend. - Brian
I've used the t-14 shotgun biwired to my Vandersteens and it was a good match. Pre was a BAT and power McCormack. Not nearly as good as what I replaced them with (Syn. Res.) but way cheaper.
I use their digital cables; D-75 and D-110. Gary Galo from Audio Amatuer thinks the D-110 is the best sounding 110 ohm cable he has ever used. They are a good value and highly recommended!
I'm using DH Labs speaker cables and I've been very happy with them. I haven't compared them to any other reasonably high-end cables but compared to the Monster crap I was using, they are wonderful. They have an extended high end and a tightness and focus that I was searching for. Nice shimmer in cymbals and real sounding drums yet wood instruments also sound natural in my system (Infinity Prelude MTS, Legacy Amp, MSB DAC).