Any thoughts on Vinnie Rossi LIO being discontinued

Wondering if will drive up resale value? 
 Unfortunately, I would think quite the opposite. I wouldn’t touch a discontinued custom product like this without a significant discount from retail. 
Cost model for building these has become prohibitive . The components are getting more expensive , capacitor banks , MoFets, etc  .  I suppose the China trade wars may be part of the problem.  The upkeep and repairs on this unit will be fully supported , heard it right from Vinnie himself.  I would think the unit may become more desirable  for a certain niche . Some folks LOVE these units for ease of use and space consideration .  I'm not an audiophile so to speak, more of a semiconductor geek . I am simply reviewing some "assets" I have. 

It wast good product but  way over priced vs he competition .
resale  not that good not that much demand.