Any Thoughts On These?

Fan of ML.  I use a pair of their planars for my 2 channel speakers but I have the 15i for surround speakers in my AV room and love the motion tweeters that ML uses.  Haven't listed to the 60s however.  --Jerry
I worked at Magnolia for a short time and got to demo the Motion speakers.  Not a fan.  To me the sound was muddled and not coherent.  Save yourself $1200 and buy the LSA-20 Signatures available on sale here for $2300 new — they’ll blow the MLs away.  Best of luck. 
My Dad snagged a pair of the older Motion 60 XT speakers as everyone was offering them on deep discount right before the new XTI came out. They are good speakers if you can snag them on sale but I wouldn’t pay full price. Consequently he does use DSP with them.
I auditioned the 60's and the ESL's in the same room with the same music.  I bought the ESL's.  When switching from the ESL to the 60, the soundfield collapsed, the voices and the lower midrange in general sounded boxy and like they were confined to the speaker cabinet.  There was no contest.  As for the LSA-20, they appear to be yet another box speaker with yet another soft dome tweeter.
As for the LSA-20, they appear to be yet another box speaker with yet another soft dome tweeter
Fortunately we don’t listen to appearances.  You might want to read up on some of the reviews and who designed them before just going simply on appearances.  Member Terry London bought the review pair after reviewing them for Stereo Times, but yeah, just another box speaker.