Any thoughts on the Toshiba Regza 52xf550U?

I am in the market for a new tv. My faithful 5 year old Sony RPTV is finally beginning to show signs of its pending death. I am really interested in the Toshiba 52 inch XF series lcds. The ultra slim bezel is really appealing as well as the picture quality of course. I have never owned a Toshiba tv or lcd before. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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Just picked up a new Sony KDL-52W4100.......just
came out this month. Retail is $2999. I am sure you can
find a deal. Replaced an old XBR LCD. 120hz refresh
rate...good contrast ratio. Viewed the Stanley Cup
finals last night and it was awesome. Bought the
highly touted plasma everyone said was the best.
I am into black levels but I thought the black levels
were depressing on the plasma. Returned it after one
week and got the each his own.
I have found experience rather than some reviewer is the
way I go anymore.

By the way everyone who watched the plasma thought
my old XBR was better!! I like LCD.....I am into bright,
not depressing black!

Samsung has good reviews....but once you get passed
Sears and Best Buy you will here alot of reliability

My local high end dealer loves the TOSHIBA.

Sony is coming out with a "Z" model line after
the "W" line and before the XBR line. 10 bit video
display. The television market is fast.
Just my spin....................GOOD LUCK!!!!