Any Thoughts on the Sonic Frontiers power 1?

Hello everyone,
Anybody have any expieriance with the Sonic Frontiers power 1? I have High efficiency speakers(101db, 97db, and 91db so the 55 watts should be enough power just wondering about the sound and build quality and how it stacks up to some of its peers.

I have not heard the power 1 or any other Sonic Frontiers amps so any input would be appreciated. I have a chance to pick one of these up in mint condition!
I've have several Counterpoint amps and preamps over the past 20 years. More tubey sounding than SF amps for sure. I also had a AMC CVT2030 EL-34 tube amp that sounded nice considering is was so inexpensive. I currently have a SF Power 2 amp running Winged C KT-88s. It has good dynamics, details, and bass as I've never had before. But as others noted it does not have the silky mids associated with other tube amps. Still overall I'm happy with it. I think careful matching on the preamp and speakers helps. The person that sold me the Power 2 amp stated he did not like the overall sound when using the SF Line 3 preamp. I'm purchasing a VTL 2.5 preamp this weekend so it will be interesting to hear this combination. Good luck.
Pdspecl - the Counterpoint that I am talking about is not the same amp that you had or heard 20 years ago. The new design is a complete change from that amp topology. The newer amps have a warmer sound then the SF but way better top to bottom sound overall. The new versions use 6SN7 tubes - one per channel versus the 6DJ8/6922 tubes.
Thanks to all for your responses. Informative and some good reading. It sounds like the Power 1 is what I am looking for, I have had 300Bs SE and el84 PP and those amps quite didnt do it for me and some of the music I like listening too. Although I still have my Jolida FX10 and probably be keeping that for a while I am looking for some muscle and speed and it sounds like the Sonic Frontiers delivers. Plus the price tag is only $900 in mint condition, a bargain.
I used to run the Von Gaylord LAD-L2 preamp into the power 2 and regret having sold that combo every day since then.....

I rolled the input tubes with NOS and the power tubes were KT88s

pure bliss - I'm about to cry tears of regret
1. Did the SF Power 1 come in a SE version?
If so could anyone elaborate on the differences compared to std Power 1?
2. Can the SF Power 1 be upgraded to the SE by Parts Connexion?
3. Can the the Power 1 be warmed up a bit with some judicious mods or parts replacement, such as caps?