Any Thoughts on the Sonic Frontiers power 1?

Hello everyone,
Anybody have any expieriance with the Sonic Frontiers power 1? I have High efficiency speakers(101db, 97db, and 91db so the 55 watts should be enough power just wondering about the sound and build quality and how it stacks up to some of its peers.

I have not heard the power 1 or any other Sonic Frontiers amps so any input would be appreciated. I have a chance to pick one of these up in mint condition!
Hey Chashas, I appreciate your taking time to respond but any chance you could elaborate!
I owned a Sonic Frontiers Power 1 many years ago. It was my first tube amp. I loved it, and eventually upgraded to a Power 2 because my Sonus Faber speakers needed a litte more power to be at their best.

The sound can be best described as full-bodied, and not especially tubey sounding. The bass produced by it is very good. Not what you would normally expect from a tube amp. Tube amps tend to have a lean, but natural sounding bass. The Power 1 has intense bass. Many have described it as a solid-state sounding tube amp, but not in a bad way.

It doesn't have the glorious midrange of a SET amp, but I found the sound to be very satisfying, overall.

I especially liked that it could rock out with my rock and roll records, and play acoustic music (classical) very capably.

If you listen PRIMARILY to classical or unamplified jazz, I would suggest that the 6550/KT88 push-pull design of the Power 1 is not the best you can do. You will be better served with an amp that uses a different tube type, such as EL34, EL84, or 300B, for example.

I currently use a 2A3 SET amp, but I still have the Power 2 and hook it up from time to time, and still enjoy it for what it can offer that a 2A3 can't.

I hope this helps you out. If you have any other specific questions, ask.


I owned the Power 2....briefly.

I didn't warm up to it (no pun intended). It had an upper midrange glare and a upper midbass hump that completely disappeared when inserting any other amp. I thougt the DNA-1 deuluxe monoblocks I also had at the time sounded more like a good tube amp than the Power 2 did. It would not get my recommendation.