any thoughts on the Sean Odin Mk3

Any thoughts on the Seas Odin Mk3? Looks good but I've not yet hear it. Thanks
Sorry, I ment to write Seas

Seas Kit
In reviewing the product I note that its very similar to the Tyler Linbrook Monitors I own. The main differences between Ty's Linbook and this Kit is that Ty's cabinet gets extra bracing and Ty has his own upgraded cross-over. Worth the difference - not sure as I've never heard this Kit version but I can attest that I'm tickled pink with my Linbrooks!!!
Ever gave any thought to the Thor T-lines. They use the same drivers and are approx. the same price.A friend of mine and I just built some and we think they are fantastic.
They image like nothing I have previously heard even at 4 feet away from the sweet spot.The transparency is unreal and so is the impact and detail.The sound stage is totally 3-D.
What I'm after is the Linbrook without the Linbrook price. I have a pair of Ty Reference Monitors wich I like (almost as much as my Totem Taboos). I would lovee to build the Thor but I need to keep them as small as possible
The kit would appear to be around $1500 and I've seen Linbrooks with stands go for less than $2K although not a lot less. If its Linbrooks you are after would the difference in price not be justified by the stands, better braced cabinets and better cross-overs????