Any thoughts on the PS Audio 200C amplifier

I have a lovely PS Audio 200C. It is a sonically pure as it is heavy.......and it's not light. If anyone would care to comment on the sound of this amp and the price this amp could bring I would be very appreciative. I have alot of fine Audiophile equipment and I understand this sold for close to $1,700.00 in the mid 80's. I purchased it from the owner of a highend store as it was his home systems reference amplifier for quite some time.......he hated to part with it as I do now.
Cheer's, Linnemeyerhere
The PS Audio 200C was a major entry into Stereophile Class A recommended amps in 1985 and is well deserved. I think an excellent design should be viable for years to come. Unfortunately the first batch produced were recalled due to a potential fire hazard and were modified. From then on production continued with no further problems reported.

I have the PS Audio 200C Signature series and its a superb sounding amp even when compared to todays offerings. Interestingly some owners of the 200C have reported some transformer hum. Mine does and is noticable only if your very close to it to hear but one has to consider how big this damn transformer is. Besides I have owned Conrad Johnson power amps whose transformers hum louder than the 200C. Overall this is one heck of an amp!
I have just purchased a 200c recently and I've been blown
away by the sound I have it paired to a Audio Research tube
pre-amp and Vandersteen speakers and I am amazed at the sound. I also have a buzz but I think it comes more from the relay than the transformer.
Dumfries, you are probably correct, the huge relay can cause some buzz but it should also be noted that the flash that comes off the relay when the amp is powered up is perfectly normal, I leave mine on all the time. I was surprised prior to buying the 200C that the Stereophile review stated the 200C was considered at the time a major advance in sound quality and as a result the reviewer thought that Mark Levinson, Threshold, and Krell should re-think their amplifier designs.
Any thoughts as which would be the better of the 2 amps, Adcom 555II or the PS 200C? I have the opportunity to get a 200 but have never heard one. I would hate to buy one and not hear any big differences!
Appreciate any input.
Couldbe, the 200C is a much better sounding amp than the Adcom 555II. To put things in prospective the Adcom 555 MKII is a Stereophile Class C recommended amp and the PS Audio 200C is a Stereophile Class A recommended amp. Even the reviewer stated at that time if you could swing the extra bucks for the 200C over the 555 MKII, it would be worth it!
Purchased a used but well kept one about a year ago from a fellow A-goner for $250 as part of a package deal along with his Linn LP-12 and Vandersteen 2C speakers. A very good amp, it paired well with the Vandy's and held it's own against a McCormack DNA-1 and an Aragon 4004 that I also own. The "bang" and spark you see/hear when it's powered down is a little unnerving the first time you experience it, but other owners have posted that it's nothing to worry about. I sold it to a good friend in Hawaii who is getting back into two channel. I saw someone who was selling NOS 200C's on eBay about six months ago. Didn't follow the lot to see what they sold for but they were brand new in unopened boxes.