Any thoughts on Ridgestreet Audio Poima!!! Cables

Trying to get cables squared away on Merlin/Filarmonia combo. I finally acquired a room to set up in...and I have a mix match of cables. I ran across some positive thoughts on Poiema cables...but it seems Cardas is the preferred setup with Merlin. Any thoughts?
Im leaning toward Cardas Golden Reference ICs with  Cardas Cross Speaker
I currently have RSA Poima!!! Speaker , RSA Poiema!!! IC, & an entry level Transparent IC.
Golden Reference is what Bobby@Merlin used, as did I when I owned Merlins. Most cables that avoid being overly etched, detailed & sterile will be fine. The reasoning is that the Esotar D tweeter in the Merlins is a little hot sounding. Tons of detail and micro dynamics, but with bad combos strike some ears as too bright.
There's a good chance that you'll be happy with the Poimas. Cheers,
Did you compare any other cable to the Golden Ref. with Merlin ? My only reference point now is the Poiema. They are a silver cable, so they lean toward detail over warm. Im not really unhappy...but would prefer a little smoother ride.
I know A/B comparison is the way to go. Im just looking for some feedback on others experience with Poiema and what to expect as i look for other cables.