Any thoughts on Purist's new Limited AC cord?

Would like to hear from those that have heard this new cord.
Hello Rsf507,

I've got the Purist Anniversary AC's so my comparison is to it, I find the Purist LE more coherent with far more air and natural sounding than the Purist Anniversary. The difference is not subtle. Hope this helps. Yes, I bought it, it not cheap.

I have also listened to the new Purist LE AC cord and compared it to the Purist Anniversary as well. I think Fuzzball has described it well - from my listening when I switched back from the Purist LE to the Purist Anniversary, I found that the Purist Anniversary sounded rough around the edges, less coherent from top to bottom, much less elegant sounding, a little bloated
in the midrange, midbass and bass with less punch and somewhat
compressed sounding meaning that performers in the soundstage were
closer together with less space between and less air around them. As Fuzzball says, the differences are not subtle. I borrowed one from the Cable Company to do this listening.
......I know that this thread is a little '' old '' by Audiogon standards - I have a whole system of Purist 20 th Anniversary Contego power cords and interconnnects and PAD Proteus Provectus speaker cables and just bought a demo PAD Limited Edition Power cord - you guys are dead spot on - the LE added more dimension and air - and added a smoother texture to the system. I got it demo which wasn't bad and traded in the 20th Anniversary - not a real jaw dropping change but a nice one at that - good move on my part.