Any thoughts on Pass X150.8 ?

I don't see any reviews or impressions of this amp. Any thoughts?

Old thread, but I just stumbled on it and will add I have been using a Pass 150.8 for 2 years and it remains my favorite solid state amp (42 years in the hobby).  First solid state amp I could live with, and I find I rarely use my reference tube amp anymore (and I never rotate-in my other solid state amps).  I use the 150.8 to drive QLN P3 speakers, feed by an LTA microZOTL preamp, and they all play really well together. Only complaint is the heat it produces (class A).  

Sonically I wasn't crazy over the 150.8. Build quality is fantastic but overall the midrange was analytical and boring. The bass was very good and highs were also however,  I could never warm up to the amp. Was using with Sonus Faber Olympica 3s which were recommended for the 150.8.  Ultimately went back to tubes and very satisfied.  

I had a 150.8 briefly; then compared it to the 250.8. I found there 150.8 not tremendously involving- power was not the issue. I found the 250.8 much more involving and have owned that for 7 years now. It's a forever amp.