Any thoughts on Pass X150.8 ?

I don't see any reviews or impressions of this amp. Any thoughts?
My impression is it weighs a lot.
It is strange though that there are no reviews at all.
The .8 line is very highly regarded. I would imagine it sounds very similar to the 250.8, while being a bit less powerful. Look for the 250.8 reviews and just know the 150.8 probably cannot handle dynamic swings quite the same way with harder to drive speakers.
It's a GREAT amp, plus Pass is just an awesome company to deal with.  The support is outstanding.

While I have a 250.8 that I love, a friend has the 150.8 and we have the same speakers (Salk SS12's).  The 150.8 does a great job of driving them also.  

Just barely to the warm side of neutral, great bass and articulation without being harsh on the top end.  

Holds value well (especially if you buy used), great support etc.  Unless you have something absurdly hard to drive tough to have a bad match.
@shahram what about with ns5000, 4 ohm, 88 db.
@dep14 that gives me confidence, thank you! My dream amp is the 250.8 but a local deal just was stolen under my nose.