Any thoughts on Onix A60 Integrated?

Any information/opinions/comments about Onix, or the A60 Integrated Amp in particular, would be much appreciated.
i heard this several years ago at a small shop in my area. while i dint do critical listening, i tink if ewe could pick one up for a good price, w/the soap power-supply, yule be quite happy. i *did* buy the onix tuner w/the soap p/s, & i think it's absolutely fantastic, even if the low-price *wasn't* considered. i tink only the most expensive tunas can best it. i heard it alongside the spendy naim nat-01, & it gave up nuttin' to that tuna....

hope this info isn't *too* useless... ;~) doug s.

ewha, i realise i may be mistaken - the a60 is a more conwentional-looking recent model? even so, i imagine it woodn't sound *worse* than the older model... ;~)

fyi, has adwertized on their site an a120 - asking $399; & onix separates - amp/pre for $599

doug s.