Any thoughts on Nottingham/Grado combination?

I have a grado Reference/Reference and am considering getting a nottingham 294. Does anyone have experience with this combo? Or any Grado/Nottingham combo?
The Master wasn't the best choice for my Spacedeck. The less expensive Dynavector DV10X4 Gold was a better match.
I Have an Ortofon Rondo Blue on my Nottingham Spacedeck. This sounds amazing. It was the setup at Alternative Audio
I use the Dynavector Karat and it is an excellent match.
The 294 arm is a 12 inch arm and i think it has a higher mass compared to a shorter Spacearm. So I think you can not just ask how does a Grado works on a Nottingham because someone might say its great, but with a Spacearm.

I'd think the 294 would be better suited to a MC cartridge. I'm assuming the Reference Grado is a typical MM higher compliance cartridge. I won't bother checking because I am far to lazy to bother trying to figure out Grado's stoopid model names.