Any Thoughts on Naim Uniti Nova ?

Was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on or experience with the Uniti Nova so far ? I am thinking of getting one, but wondering if I should wait a little longer being that it is a new series lined and all, any thoughts? 
Freedomsounds7000,  there is no need to wait. The Nova has been out for a few months. Naim gear tends to be very reliable and problem free.

The new Uniti series is pretty awesome, we are a displaying Naim dealer with many of their products on display.

The Nova comes quite close to the reference NAC 272/250Dr combo for a lot less money!

The app is fantastic and the Nova sounds very engaging and musical and can drive many of today's best loudspeakers without problem.

The Nova is something that is truly special a true high end audio product that is easy and fun to use, can access almost any musical format and streaming file and looks stunning. 

Couple the above features and attributes and add in the entire Naim echo system so you can purchase a Naim Muso and have the same app control a wonderful streaming speaker for lets say a Kitchen or a guest room makes this entire concept a true pathway for many music lovers. 

If you have specific questions please feel free to contact us.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
I’m looking into the uniti series too.  The entire series just seems clever to me but the rate of change right now on music makes it hard to predict if this type of component will be useful in 5 years.  Other thought I had was what about upgrades?  Maybe software updates are all that will be needed?  Finally, I wonder the sound quality of this generation of uniti series over the previous.  I haven’t read that there has been too much change to amplification or even the dac but I just started reading today. Certainly there are user interface changes.  There are  A few good looking deals on previous gen stuff as dealers make room for the new stuff.  Right now there is a superniti listed on Agon that has caught my eye for $4k.  The new nova is $3k over that.  Of course it’s a personal call if someone thinks it’s worth that difference.  I’m probably not helping you too much by asking more questions but, if you’ve already considered all these and you’re still on board with it then perhaps you have your answer.  
For me, I am looking at the Nova as a stand alone unit to imported music with as soon as I get a core to go along with it. This time around, the price does not scare me, because in some ways, you get what you pay for & you may only live once ! :) one of the big things for me was that some years ago I picked up a Brennan jb7 and really liked it (except for the fact that it did not show cover art) until it fried. After that I said I would go all the way on my next unit. So, after some research I've decided to go naim all the way. 
The Nova also partners up nicely with the inuous zenith servers.

We sell the Core as well as  the Zenith.

For many people the zenith is the better choice because it can run as a Roon Core.

The music experience of roon is far superior to other software.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
I've played with the NAIM Uniti Core quite a bit and like it.  The control app is simple, but I like that.

For me, Roon is way too busy and cumbersome to navigate.  
Tdimier the Innuous can run as a Roon Server or as a Upnp server so you can have it either way. The innnous sounds even better.

As per the Nova it is one of the must musically engaging products out there our customers are thrilled with their Novas.

It is the combination of great sound a fantastic app, and stellar build quality which makes the Nova so appealing.

Dave and Troy 
Audio Doctor NJ
Any updated info on the actual use and fine tuning of the nova with the goal of having something close to high resolution sound from streaming or feeding the nova higher resolution sources 

I will be up dating for the first time in 15 years. Accustomed to pass amplication. Planning on keeping
Silverline LaFolia speakers which were voiced with pass amplification.