Any thoughts on NAD M15 HD2 AV pre and processor?

Hi experts,

I am setting up a system with Revel Salon2s speakers (L R and Voice2 center) and Krell amps.

What do you think about the NAD M15 HD2 functioning as the preamp with audio processor capabilities?

I have a less than ideal room and believe that the processor capability will be a value add.

The system will be 60% home theater and 40% audio only. Music will be mostly rock and blues. Inputs will be Verizon Fios, blueray, appleTV, high resolution audio from HDTracks, etc., and Sonos.

Any other options without spending incredible amounts? For example, would you consider Integra?
I have a NAD T175HD which is basically the same as the M15HD2 minus the fancier chassis/faceplate and different standard modules(non 3D) and maybe a couple of other minor things. I am totally satisfied with it for HT and music. My T175HD is a refurbished unit from Spearit Sound and it has operated flawlessly. I am running Acurus amps and driving a Klipsch Reference RF-63 setup with a Revel B15 sub and I think the combination is a great match. Love the NAD for multichannel music/concert BD's.

I was close to pulling the trigger on an Integra DHC-80.2 until I found my T175HD for a price I could not resist.