Any thoughts on Music Reference RM200

I am thinking of purchasing a Music Reference RM200. They have been out for some time and I am wondering if they have changed over the years to warrant a new purchase or look for a used amp. I would be using these on Apogee Scintillas so they better be in top operating condition. I am told that they can handle a one ohm load. Any thoughts on their sonic signature would also be appreciated. Bob
if you must use tubes for the apogees, the rm200(new or recently used)is a great amp.
EveAnna Manley of Manley Labs once mentioned at the Audioasylum forum that their amps could be ordered setup for 1 ohm load...another option for you also

Give her a call...can't hurt to explore

Thanks for the responses! I was also thinking of using two of the RM200's. I believe they can be strapped into mono. Dave, thanks for the tip on the Manleys. I definitely am open minded on what to use for the Scintillas. I have been told that the RM200's are great amps, what amps would you most closely compare them to? Bob

You might want to look at the Wolcott Presence 220 Mono's. (If you must have tubes) If they can drive Sound Lab A-1's, they more than likely can drive your Scintillas. (Yes, I know, different animals but both are extremely difficult loads.)


If you are not adamant about a tube amp, why not look into the ICE H2O monos? They were designed using Scintillas as the main target speaker. Plenty of discussion about them here and elsewhere.

These two amps are on my short list if/when I get the urge to upgrade (or if I get rich, I might have to look at Behold!

I have the H2o's on one system and they are very good. I have two pairs of Scintillas and was hoping to try tubes on the second pair just to try something different. I think the Soundlabs need voltage whereas the Scintillas need current and lots of it. Bob
I have used two rm200's with avantgarde speakers and hovland preamo. Good but not as good musically or tonally or with the realistic presence as my audio note P4 mono's now my ref. Also was not as good as my Canary ca339's (now sold), but was comparable to my Jadis JA50 mono's but only with a warm valve preamp.

The sound is transparent, fast, with good soundstaging and tone. Lacked that last bit of 300B tonal warmth and presednce and also lacked audio notes superior musicallity.

I think the Soundlabs need voltage whereas the Scintillas need current and lots of it.

Yes, that is why I stated "different animals". The Soundlabs have an impedence curve of about 40ohms in the bass and around 1(or less)ohms in the highs. The Scintilla's, well you already know.

The Presence monos are rated at 220 watts/ch @ 2ohms. There is a setting for controlling the "infinite damping factor" on the front of the 220's. The high setting for electrostats and the low setting for controlling bass on "normal" speakers. These two things lead me to believe the Wolcotts can put the sizzle in your Scintillas. (Yes, I am aware the Scintilla's impedence drops below 1ohm, but these things are built like tanks!)

Why not email Henry and ask?

"I could be wrong, I could be right" PIL/Rise

rm200 is a really good amp but not for those speakers (though i havent tried that combo)...

imo, relability, tube amps and 1 ohm load is questionable (of the three pick 2)

apogees need a incredible amount of current to do their magic (800 to 1000 watts is not a bad place to start)
Thanks Mike for your thoughts. It is interesting that I have had such a variety of thoughts on this subject. I also posted this on the Apogee website and again the response was split. I can tell you that the H2o's drive the speaker effortlessly. I have a second pair of Scintillas that will be put into service and I thought it would be interesting to try something different. As an audiophile, I can't seem to stop trying different sources and amplification!
Baranyi you are very lucky to have apogees... they are the finest ribbon speakers that i heard of despite their age...

i can understand the difference in opinions when it comes to amplifaction on these... alot will depend on the listening levels, size of the room, and musical taste..

duetta's in a large room, were incredibly hard to drive. they really came alive (ie real bass) with large solid state amps with the volume knob at 4:00 on the preamp (it was pretty amazing)..... i have never seen a speaker that could take that much current/wattage and still sound that good...

are replacement ribbons available anywhere for them ? i would love to a get a pair and redo the crossover..

I use Krell Ksa-250 or Rogue Audio M-120 Magnums with my Apogee Duetta Signatures...both do a fine job in my large room, the big Krell has the advantage of course in playback levels... not much of a factor for me though.

"are replacement ribbons available anywhere for them?"

Yep, two suppliers install, or pay them to install for you.

Mikesinger-come to the Apogee forum and see that Apogee owners are alive and well in continuing to maintain this fine brand's speakers. Bob
I have owned an RM200 twice and it is my current amp. The first one was back in 1999 and at that time I did not have enough experience to realize how good I had it. It is the only piece I have ever bought twice and I paid a lot more for it the second time around.
With some very simple mods (new internal wire, hexfreds, and 4 interstage cap upgrades, a great PC (say a revelation audio labs)and some Shuguang smooth plate KT88's, this amp has it all in the 100 watt league. I owned many amps in the interval, many a multiple in cost and they all have thier own shortcomings. The RM200 has the fewest. It really can deliver the tone and texture of some of the best SE's combined with unwavering control. It is also DEAD quiet, easy on tubes, and extremely reliable.
As for your speakers, Try one first, if you find you need more (which I doubt) you can bridge them.