Any thoughts on Martin Logan Motion 60xt?

Room is 22x14x8. Carpet and some wall treatment. No problem with acoustic's. Equipment is ARC Ls28se, Parasound A21+ 2 SVS SB3000. Streaming on Blusound node. Was thinking maybe JBL synthesis speakers. Thanks for your suggestions.
I auditioned some ML 60 XTi (note: XTi not XT) speakers extensively over the summer. I decided against them because in my room the ceilings are so low that the speakers could not be tamed on the high end.

But here are some of my general reflections about ML’s, in my room played on tube gear:

• ML’s come into a fuller “bloom” (balanced tonality) when they move above 74 db, on average, to about 80 db.
• What changes, also, at louder levels is that the soundstage deepens and becomes more precise; voices previously too far in the back of the mix move forward and are fuller
• when I contrasted with the Fritz bookshelf speaker (the Carbon 7, different tweeter than ML), I gained a new appreciation of the ML’s detail; in comparison, the Fritz sound more veiled over, even *vague*. I came to understand that some of the brightness of the ML’s would be worth it in an appropriate room because of the detail they provide. It's those AMT tweeters. 
• the bass on the ML’s is VERY full and thick and detailed; in a word, excellent. Better than the Focal 936 towers.
• Midrange sounds decent, with a bit of a hard edge at times in my room. But the speakers never get "cluttered" in the more complicated rock passages as do my Klipsch RP 160-M (much less expensive speaker, stand mount). ML handles complexity very well.
• Treble is super well-defined, articulate, and clear. Perhaps just a bit forward, but not because it’s distorting; rather, it's just seems "ahead" of the midrange. I suspect this is a product of my room.
• Soundstage is wide, well defined; orchestral pieces sound like they have many individual instruments. This is a *tower* speaker, in the true sense.
• On an emotional level, they’re definitely grabbing me — I lost track of how long I was listening and actually kept wanting to try other songs.

They are amazing speakers, for the price, you would need to spend a lot more to get a fuller, amazing sound. 
  Maybe consider a higher powered amplifier for the motion 60s’

   They were on my next day purchase, til a sale popped up for something else, I still want them,.....maybe I will.
they are a great speaker!

 If treble heavy, do what I did, cut a small piece of cotton tshirt, same size as tweeter, tape over the tweeter, to subdue the highs just a bit more.

 If you get them, please wait 200 hours and give a review.  
You might do some research on the advances of the xti model vs. the less expensive xt. I remember reading about some non-trivial improvements.
I tamed the speakers with a RME ADI2 DAC FS. This thing is fantastic for 1k. The Logan's thump the bass and I was able to tone the highs down without loosing anything. I can run both the GE Triton's and the Logan's at the same time and it sounds fantastic and I only listen at about 80 decibels. I can't describe it. I don't listen to all 4 speakers all the time but when I do it just sounds like they compliment each other perfectly. 
Ps, I got rid of the subs, don't need them. Especially when using the GE Triton's.
I have the martin logan 60xti in my 2 channel listening area. They are incredible and possibly my favorite speakers I have ever owned to date. The sound is very full although I would not call it muscular or forward. It has a natural warmth. The midrange is smooth. The bass I think is its strongest point. In my opinion this is a speaker that you may not need a sub. The bass is tight punchy and deep. I am driving them with the naim uniti atom which is only 40 wpc.