Any thoughts on GamuT Audio’s current status?

I noticed GamuT Audio is kind of at an impasse, pausing a bit on electronic production. Perhaps it’s temporary or Dantax is trying to reorganize a bit. Any further information available in the public domain?

Considering they just joined a new umbrella company and also considering they seem to be focusing a lot more on speakers than electronics lately its not terribly surprising. It also doesn't mean the company is in any trouble just re-focusing or changing things a bit to fit with the other Dantax companies.
I always think the Gamut room at Axpona is one of the best but their prices are pretty high for the stand mount speakers. 
Hi bubba12

Yes; their stand mount speakers seem overpriced. Generally, their speakers have sounded great at shows. I also very much like the organic sound of their amplifiers. (D-200i dual mono and Di-150 LE integrated). Not sure if Dantax will continue their electronics....must not have been selling well...we’ll see. 
The GamuT Audio’s RS3i stand mount speaker is one of the best I’ve heard and yes expensive. I choose the TAD ME1 stand mount for less than half of the price of the GamuT and they’re just as good. 

I heard that precise model (GamuT) at CAF, and was stunned by the sound: my price-no-object best-sounding standmounts there.  So then I looked at the prices of some of their floorstanders, and headed rapidly back to the drawing board.

Their if-you-have-to-ask-you-can't-afford-it model, the Zodiac, got a rave review in Absolute Sound.