Any thoughts on GamuT Audio’s current status?

I noticed GamuT Audio is kind of at an impasse, pausing a bit on electronic production. Perhaps it’s temporary or Dantax is trying to reorganize a bit. Any further information available in the public domain?

Failure to attract new young enthusiasts bodes ill for the Hi Fi business! 
My friend owned a HI End store on Greenwich Avenue in Greenwich, CT. The wealthiest town in the state! He had all the latest and most costly gear. Beautiful store - I was impressed! And failed after a few years! 
Gamut had to compete with a hundred other companies chasing a dwindling number of the 1%. RIP!
Hi Roberjerman:

I agree the high end market is brutal and more than difficult for manufacturers and dealers. Some manufacturers have gone to direct sales to allow consumers to purchase at what was dealer cost earlier. We’ll have to see how that works out.  Do your comments above relate to any specific information about GamuT.  Thanks!
I probably know as little about Gamut's inner circle as you! Too expensive products for me!