Any thoughts on ayon cd2s

How does it sound vs. the best Tube CD players
Hi, I just broke-in my Ayon cd-2s!, I can tell you that I believe this player is the very best at its price point!, It takes 350 hours of burn in, I just did it!, This is my third player in a year!, this one beats the others hands down!, has a really good sound stage hooked direct to amp like I am useing it!,, cheers!
How long was break in does it sound warm and clear
You right on the ayon cd2s. I finally listened to mine today. You are a genius. This thing is amazing.
@ Calvinj, How many hours do you have on your player?, I now have 428 hours!, The 2s has a good sound signature, you think?, I am currently still useing the stock power cord, I am going to put the Taralabs cobalt A/C power cord on my player!, I am running direct to power amp right now, thats subject to change, are you running your 2s direct?, what is your associated equipment you are useing?, cheers!
I got maybe 50 hours on my player. Thanks it needs a little more warmth. What interconnect are you using.
Hi: Beware that once you will wish to use digital inputs e.g. with server for hirez downloads and ripped CD's - you have two digital inputs. One coaxial will take all PCM formats (not DSD) another USB also work with PCM only and more importantly does not accept audiostream with sampling rate above 96 kHz - its not good!!! We have a customer with this unit and it took us a phone call to France to clarify why our server cannot do what is suppose to.

Sunce this episode - we automatically contact DAC manufacturers directly to find out what their DAC can do and how we can maximize output from our Musica Pristina servers.

Otherwise CD2S is excellent CD Transport/DAC
@ Calvinj,, Man-0-man, get ready, The 2s goes thru some horrible changes when Its burning in!, you will notice a nice improvement at 300 hours, then 350 hours, I believe all the small improvements are done as well!I am useing the Taralabs zero gold i/c 1-meter,, the 2s will sound warmer at the end of the burn-in cycle, If its enough warmth for you, I do not know?, LOL!, The 2s does not even have a soundstage till 280 hours!, I know all this, I just broke my player in!, I notated on paper every thing!, To me, Taralabs sound good on the Ayon players, All of the Ayon players!, A much cheaper i/c that is warm is the Taralabs, The one, and the 0.8 cable,, post back, you are the only person I have talked to that got his player nearly the same time I did!, cheers!
@ spectron, Thanks for the info!, I use my player as a cd/transport/dac only right now, I am glad of that bit of info you gave us,I will defiantly keep that in mind., cheers!
Thanks for the input. I use my cp800 as my dac. It is rally good to my ear. The cp800 is brand new as well. It only has about 60 hours on it. I have to burn in both units before I make any changes. I will be trying some mit and some tara labs in the next few weeks to see how it mates with my equipment. I have sonus faber liutos. I have cp800 classe. I have a classe ca 2200. Ayon cd2s. I clarus crimson speaker and power cables. I will be switching things up and around pretty soon. Thanks for your input. The ayon cd2s is a great player. Smooth and musical.
@ Calvinj, you are not useing the Ayon 2s direct to your amp?, sounds pretty good running direct to amp!If I can be of some help with Taralabs cables, just ask, I know all their cables very well!, I helped 4 other members with their Tara cables, They love them!,Happy listening!
I had not tried that yet. Would I hook the Interconnects directly to the amplifier from the ayon.
@ Calvinj, yes!,interconnects straight from ayon player to amp,, caution!, You have toggel switches on the back of the unit, as a matter of fact, you are suppose to be useing your unit at all times on low gain setting!,2.5volts, this gives you less clipping, if eany at all for your output of the signal., first, diconnect your interconnects period!, depending if you are useing your player with rca or xlr, flip the toggle for use with rca or an xlr, then flip the toggel to direct to amp, flip another toggel to 0, not 180!, on your invertness toggle switch, plug the player up, connect the player with i/cs into the amp, caution, leave amp off!, turn on the ayon, turn volume all the way down!, turn power amp on, mash play on the unit, you will hear a ping sound when you do this!, Its normal!, its your caps engageing!, ajust desired volume to your likeing!, wala!, remember, your ayon will sound bad, very bad, untill it breaks-in!,cheers!
@ calvinj, Are you there? I have not heard back from you since the last post.
I'm here. I been busy. I'm gonna listen to them on loan and see how they sound in my system. I heard the mit matrix 36 and will see how they compare. I will try the air 1 ex. The ayon is breaking in a little. I'm at about 80 hours. It is a special player.
@ calvinj, I can tell you that player will not come into its own untill 450 hours forreal!, Thats really when you need to consider if you want different cables or tubes!, I would hate to see you do something and then the sound changes on you with the player breaking in and it did not work out!, cheers!
Well Calvin , I can tell you that I Have the Tara Labs Air1 speaker cables . They Replaced my DH Labs Q10 Signature speaker cables. I am Bi-amping and am using them on the top (tweeters and Mids)
Below is what i said about them vs. the DH Labs Q10s
Speaker Cables are sounding GREAT. I actually replaced the Coax RCA Interconnects that i was using from Pre-Amp to amp for the Bass section of my L/R speakers with some Cardas Crosslink 2 that i had . I like the sound better now . That bit of Extra fullness that i hade before is now Gone. The other coax sounded a bit slow and fat . The Cardas has hepled that a lot .
Also , the Bass section of my speakers actually receives a Full Range Signal. They are 8 inch Wool/Carbon Woofers. The same Woofer is used for the mids ,except that it has a voicecoil. These are proprietary woofers made for John Sollecito @ Source Technolgy .
I also heard that the company that makes them for him , may have let someone else use them in their speakers , without his permission of course. I beleive that company is Cinepro.
I beleive they use the same Woofers in their Cinepro Evo Mighty Speakers ..
Anyway My System is Sounding better than ever .
OH, Keith , I did switch the Tara speaker cables from the top to the bottom and put the Q!0s on the bottom.
The sound was very similar in the Bass , but the top end was a little harsher with the Q10s on top. I found the Bass to be a little less articulte and just a touch slower than with the Q10s on the bass .The Q10s are just better at bass , but not by a lot . And likewise , the Tara Air1s are better at the mids and the highs . well at least in my system . The Taras are smoother on the top end with a little less emphasis on the mids and especially the highs . Mids and Highs are more forward with the Q10s on top .
SO .I put them all back to their proper location which is where they will stay .
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Was asking about the interconnects.
@ calvinj, There is a couple of used Taralabs, The One with ism on board interconnects here on the gon, They are a little better than the Air 1EX, alot warmer sounding to, I own a pair of them as well as the zero gold,You can save alot of money!, I believe one seller here on the gon has $1,250.00 for one meter, then you have a couple more listed as well!, goodluck!