Any thoughts on a Audiogon covention?

Just wondering...has there ever been an Audiogon convention of sorts? I would love to meet fellow audiophiles,audio enthusiasts,and newbies like myself over a couple of cold ones...also...I am dying to get out of the midwest this winter...anybody down South with convention connections? Peace and happiness to all in upcoming new year...special thanks to all who have responded to my many threads...the life of an audiophile is a lonely endeavor...and this great site has some really cool people...
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It has been talked about before mostly in private email and we concluded that we are all way to dizzy to get us all together at any time, we were thinking of New Orleans, how ever that seems to have slowed to backward crawl :) It would be interesting and the place to go would probably be CES for most, because there would be things to do! Or we could all raid Albert's place- just don't let him know we will just knock on his door and then scream SURPRISE! Most of us audiophiles lead such tumultuous lifes it would be easier to make your system perfect then get even half of us together. The best bet is to post a topic(here) including the area you live in and you will find more then a few cool people near you. I am in the Albany NY area and have managed to get 4 or 5 of us together at one time plus a few on the phone and that was pretty crazy! For listening sessions too many people make it crowded and less enjoyable- its never ending Chinese fire drills :) 4 or 5 is tops for most any room. I must admit the people who live near me are really cool and have become some of my best friends in short order- and with out this site I wouldn't have met any of them. Happy Holidays! ~Tim
Hey Phasecorrect,

As always, Tim, your response was very well put. I, to, would be very excited to meet all of the people on this sight. Most of them sound like intelligent, interesting folks. I have been doing the same thing as Tim and contacting people through the 'gon and trying to get them on the phone to pick there brains and exchange info. It has been a lot of fun and very helpful in my endless pursuit of audio nirvana. If you look on any of my for sale ads, you will find my phone #'s and hours. Feel free to contact me and we could shoot the breeze.......John
We might have to break it into regional A'GoN conventions. I've managed to have listening sessions with a few of the Los Angeles members and have had correspondance with members all over the world.

I like the CES idea. Is buying a hotel room at an audiophile show feasible? Maybe have no equipment in it, just food and drink, good friends and trash talking.

Imagine all of us staring at each others name cards to see who's who...Tireguy, Albertporter, Bob_Bundus, Twl...
I'd like to join you, but I doub't I could make it. Perhaps regional get togethers might be more practical?
CES would be good because if it turns out we all hate each other, at least we'd be in Vegas so there would still be a lot to do.

Yeah, we could walk over to the Adult Expo.
Gunbei- How do you think I got into audio :) I was at an AVN awards show- didn't win anything :( and found out about audio. Hung out with Ron Jeremy and it was a blast, if you guys have a chance and see him(Ron) in a casino try to talk to him, he is one of the funnest men I have ever met!
Albert's on Tuesday would be fun. Could we get along well enough to have fun?
If Audiogon does make it to New Orleans, I would be happy to host a party. My modest home has a reasonably good listening room (35x36), and I believe you would find yourselves in the company of very welcoming local audiophiles.
Hey Tireguy, Ron Jeremy is one of the hairiest too! Christy Canyon tried to talk me into going to the AVN Awards and Expo, but I need to hang around LA during the beginning of January. Plus, I'd probably rather be at MacWorld San Francisco.
Tireguy, were you nominated for anything? I don't think they have a "best system" award!
Mrwigglewm...Southern hospitality still lives! Do you know of a good place for gumbo,craw,blue crab,etc?
I will be in New Orleans from March 6-9 on business if time permits I would like to meet some of you southern'philes. I will be at "the big easy" what ever that is- this will be my first trip to a city that I have heard so many wonderful things about, I am looking forward to it.

About my previous career I was a no one at best- I am MUCH happier where I am now and where I am headed.
I'll be in N.O. week of Mardi Gras.
Tireguy, I will see if we can't have our monthly meeting while you are here in March. Will keep you posted. Phasecorrect, New Orleaneans love recommending restaurants. Just to name one, I think you would not be disappointed with the seafood stuffed eggplant, grilled pompano topped with lump crabmeat, trout, red snapper, gumbo or turtle soup served at Galatoire's.
wow...I have more back hair than Ron better looking(hell,who isnt)...and just as "gifted"...maybe when my folks pass away(terrible thought I know)...I will switch professions...unit then...nursing I come!
Hey Tireguy,

Or should I call you by your stage name, tire"iron"guy. You are much too modest, having upwards of 200 videos under your belt, pun intended. You should put up a list of your best performances so the rest of us can have a gander at a real pro in action.....John