Any Thomas Dolby fans out there?

Just wondering if there are any Thomas Dolby fans out there. We seem to be few and far between. I was surfing the web today and saw that he put out a new live CD with 1000 limited edition copies (autographed/numbered.) This is exciting news to his fans.
Rock on Thomas Dolby is the man!! I love his stuff, I even have his DVD(most don't know he has one). I love the diversity of his music, the difference in music from "flat earth" to "aliens ate my buick" to "astronauts and heretic" to "gate to the minds eye" there's one more but its name slips my mind at the moment; they all have a very unique and different sound from one another.

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TD is an incredible musician.

I have 40, signed copy #11!!!! It is a lively recording, too. sells them, I beleive.

I just found a copy of his Live Wirelss (1980s) laser disc and I'm trying to get it converted to DVD. It's not as easy as it seems, but I hope to do it soon.

Tireguy, what DVD do you have? Minds Eye?

Brad day
Atlanta, GA
I have the minds eye dvd, its ok nothing to jump for joy about but entertaining some times :)
I listened to Toomas Dolby all the time ten/ fifteen years ago. I saw him twice live in small venues, what a great proformer! I think I'll try to get one of the Limited Edition disks. Thanks for the news.
Absolutely.. Aliens ate my Buick is a classic. Stellar recording as well. I have Flat Earth, Wireless, and AAMB all on CD. Great Artist..

Thomas Dolby is great!! I have AAMB on vinyl and it kicks the CD (sorry guys).

I love you goodbye.

the flat earth on vinyl is outstanding as well. that album is one of the best recordings/productions i have heard in some time. AAMB was entertaining but flat earth is still my fav.
Aliens is good, but "Quantum Mechanic" with guest vocalist Dr. Fiorella Terenzi is my's on The Gate to the Mind's Eye.
Evidently there are less than 100 of the new limited edition release still available. I ordered mine Sunday. Can't wait to get it!

Tireguy, the other album is "Golden Age of Wireless." It started the whole madness with the big 80's hit "She Blinded Me With Science." The recording quality of the album is not that great but it has fantastic songs on it.
I like some of his stuff. I began listening as a freshman is high school way back when. There is a "Best of.." cd called "Retrospectacle". The sonics are amazingly clear with depth and dynamics that are not excpected sometimes with 80's cd's. I was suprised to find that the better my system got the better the cd sounded. I was convinced that this was another crappy to average 80's cd. It was my sysytem that was not quite optimized yet.