Any Thiel 3.6 Owners in SF Bay Area?

Would you all be interested to compare notes on how these speakers sound with different components? Just an idea. If there are enough interest. We can discuss the details.
I'm not in the bay area but in Seattle but I'm interested since I've tried my CS3.6 with a few components (speaker cables,ICs,amps and preamps), some of them works and some of them really awful to listen to-Rmml
I'm on the other coast but I would definitely be interested to know what works with your 3.6's and I would be happy to share also my experiences.
Cardas rules with Thiels!
Which ones?
Right now I'm using NBS Monitor III speaker cables between my Krell FPB200 and CS3.6 and so far this is the best speaker cables that I had on it.Well extended highs better than AZ Satori, silky smooth mids and tight and very well controlled base better than AQ Clear SE.
was to get a gauge on how good these speakers can sound. I am sure that when you get all the Thiel 3.6 owners in the same room, everyone will have different setups. Everyone has different recommendations on what works for them. I actually got this idea from Car magazines. There are a Corvette clubs, Mustang clubs, etc. where enthusiasts compare notes on what they've done to their car, and share experiences. Forums like this is great. People can share what their experiences. But what I am interested is how does Rmml's or Pop's or Artmmalman's system sound compare to mine?