Any Tannoy dealer in Seattle or Bellevue WA

I would like to audition the Tannoy DC10T.
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Ask Tannoy, N.A., in Chatham, Ontario.
There is not that many stores in Seattle/Bellevue area. Definitive Audio, Hawthorne Stereo, Audio Connection, Advanced Audio and Magnolia come to mind. Give them a call.
Hawthorne Stereo in Seattle had Tannoy last time I checked. Give them a call.
A quick look at the Tannoy website will show you this.
The only dealer I found is Northmar Inc. but the website doesn't seem to be selling hifi equipment.

Hawthorne Stereo only sells lower end used tannoys.
A couple of years ago Hawthourne had new Tannoy Glenair speakers on display but I have not seen any others there since. They may be able to order them still though.