Any TAD-150 Signature Fans Still Out There?

I find the TAD-150 preamp to be an excellent value, I've owned much more expensive preamps but find the the TAD to be excellent. Great separation, sound stage bass and extension! Plus tube rolling pays dividends and its fun to boot!

Would anyone else like to share their opinion / experience?
I owned one for 2 1/2 years (longest time with the same preamp). It replaced 2 Counterpoint amps, one modded. It also replaced an Audible Illusions Modulus 3. Regarding the TAD - the line stage is very nice, the phono stage not so good though. I ended up replacing the TAD with a VTL 2.5. They are very close but I think the VTL is a bit more detailed, refined, but the sound stage is more set back.
The TAD is very competative with any preamp is it's price range.
I still have mine, and find it perfect in every way for my needs. I find the phono stage to be quite good - at least compared to modestly priced external stages. I use mine in a combined 2 channel and HT room, and the HT passthru is great. I've tried to find a pre/pro that could do 2 channel justice, but none can even come close to the TAD so I've resigned myself to the 2 box setup.
Good to hear others have experienced bliss from this over achiever. I use the TAD-150 strictly as a line stage. I use a Jolida JD9 for my low output MC phono, I tried the phono in the TAD once and it wasn't very good. Maybe it would suit a MM better...

I put an Antique Sound Labs Flora (decked out with Mundorf caps and the new power supply) in my rig for a while and couldn't believe how sterile the sound stage was in comparison to the TAD-150.

Curious to hear which 12AX7 style of tubes people are running also, my favorite has to be Raytheon black plate 12AX7. Although JAN GE 5751 and Amperex ECC83 are a close second...
I still own mine and see no reason to replace it. I upgraded the cheap remote to a nicer backlit learning remote. I rolled a lot of different tubes in it, including a bunch of NOS tubes and in the end put the stock tubes back in because they sound darn good. It replaced a Melos SHA Gold and BTW I find the sound from the headphone jack to be very nice. I agree with the earlier comments that it excels as a line stage but only so-so as a phono stage. It feeds my Music Reference RM9mkII and they seem to match up pretty well.
Sold mine after owning for around 6 months. 2 months later I ended up purchasing another. It is an excellent value for the money. One of those few pieces of equipment whose performance easily outpaces its cost.
I've had mine now for almost five years now and haven't even thought about replacing it. I've never used the phono stage so I can't comment on that. I noticed someone mentinoned using 12ax7 tubes, I thought only 12au7 tubes were interchangeable with 12at7 tubes. Is that accurate?
I've been running mine for around 4 years and have no plans to replace it. I did do some tube rolling when I got it and it responded well, but I can't say as I remember what I have in there...I'd guess Amperex 12Ax7's. From TAD's website "Designed to use 12AX7, 12AT7 or 12AU7 types".

It sits between a Jolida CDP as transport, a Paradisea+ DAC, & a McCormack DNA1 going into Snell Type A's...great setup..for me.

Jig..I would be interested in some specifics on your replacement remote..