Any SVHS machines with dual outputs?

Does anyone know of any super VHS VCR's with two sets of outputs?
The Sony SVHS hi fi SLV-R1000 does.

I am currently using one I bought off EBAY that was brand new, using it to transfer home movies to my computer to edit and burn to DVD.

Mine will be for sale here at Audiogon when I'm through if your looking for one. It is reported to be the best S VHS machine "ever." Since I have not tested very many, I cannot testify that the story is true. I will say it is clearly the best SVHS machine I have owned and much better than my previous Mitsubishi, Toshiba and other Sony SVHS machines.
The Panasonic Ag-1970P does.
Actually, my jvc S6700U have 2 AUDIO output,
1 FIXED and
BEWARE: I JUST bought 1 off of ebay recently,
the seller said there was NOTHING wrong with it,
BEFORE I placed a bid on it.
WHEN I got it, there was NO video,
and the AUDIO was in MONO when watching
GOOD thing I used Paypal,
I JUST got my money back minus shipping.
SO be CAREFULL when buying off of ebay these days.
Thanks for all your replies. Are any of these machines available new? I would prefer that both audio outputs were fixed.
Thanks everyone. I ended up with a Mitsubishi D-VHS2000.