Any surround better than none at all?

Hi everyone, I'm brand new to these boards, so please be gentle!

Background: I have just recently purchased:

Rotel DSP-1066 and RMB-1075 with a pair of Aeon's (have an 'i' after them, would be interested if any of you know what that means), and a depth sub. This is far superior to any gear I have ever had the pleasure of owning, so I'm pretty exited about it.

My question is this:

My main goal is music, i'm a 2ch junkie, but feel the need to finish it for the full movie effect. My old system (total garbage) did have a cerwin vega center and bose rear bookshelfs (please don't laugh). As the parts above were more than I ever expected my wife to allow me to get, I am unable to purchase new rears or center at this time.

Should I even bother hooking them up for movie use or will it demolish any gains by having the ML's by using trash for a center and rear?

Watched our first movie on it last weekend and I was a bit dissapointed by having no surround, but the quality of the system was well beyond any expectations.

I guess I could just hook it up and try it, but wondered what your opinions would be before I start pulling cable.
In your case I would try to get a center speaker that is a good match for your mains and not worry as much about the rears for now. In the mean time I would just use what you have for movies, if your room will allow for it you might be able to set it up with no center at all (works best in larger rooms). I have never watched a newer movie that was in DD or DTS that sounded better without surround and can only laugh to my self when I hear someone try to tell people other wize. Enjoy your movies.
I think almost any surround is better than nothing. I am definitely a dedicated two channel guy, but I would prefer Radio Shack for sides (rear) than nothing at all.

Movies are for fun. One of the few times the entire family sits together to listen. My mother in law will even venture over if she knows we rented DVD's for the weekend.

As already stated, enjoy your movies. It might even help gain more acceptance for your two channel.
Your comment requesting us Audiogon users to "be gentle" is not so far from the mark I suppose! The audiophile breed is amoung the most critical on the planet it appears! (no toys to play with when we were kids...)
Anyway, my suggestions would be to not use any center or rears at all if you can't use the same speakers as you have now for those purposes! If you use mismatched speakers, no matter how close, it will only bring the integrity, believability, and coherence of the system DOWN! You'd be best served by simply using your main left and rights with a sub through your pre/pro!(which you MUST use for proper movie playback of DD/DTS).
Another solution is to buy a whole nother set of even less expensive, but more movie friendly/effective HT speakers/satalites. This way you don't sacrifice the integrity of either your HT or music. You could mount 5 or more matching HT speakers around the room(maybe a dedicated matching center over or under the TV/monitor/screen), and potentially have a much more effective HT system. There are compromises here however in terms of set up for best sound, and an EQ might be in the works. Still, the integrity of movie soundtracks isn't what a good 2 channel recording is ultimately. However, If you're happy with what you get from your 2 channel system for movies, you might just consider keeping those two set up "as-is", and integrating the subwoofer. There are of course lots of options. But if you plan on keeping the 2 you have, and doing 5.1 or better, you will need matching speakers, not similar sounding speakers! If you don't want another speakers system for movies, and 2 channel is your priority, you might just keep things as they are. I pressently have a 2 channel set up with sub and processor for my movies, and it sounds great.(but then it's set up well.)
My thinking is that I'd take a quality 2 channel set up(integrated with proper digital pre/pro and such) over not so well executed multi channel every time! So it must balance.
good luck
I'd suggest using a "phantom center" setting on your processor rather than using a mis-matched and sub-standard center, since the center channel carries so much of the load in most soundtracks. But I agree with Albert Porter...any surrounds will enhance your enjoyment of movies. Make sure you set the levels don't want the surrounds to be a distraction.
I totally agree with Rsuminsby, use a "phantom" center and any ol' surround speakers.
Albert is correct. Movies are for fun and most of the "sound" is dialog. Center channel really helps anchor dialog to the screen. I would use what you have for now and upgrade (center first) as you get some $.
Your Bose for surrounds will be fine. However, either use phantom for the center or get a new one. Don't even try the CV. What you may want to try if you have a little money: Contact either or and see if they have drivers that will fit in the CV box that will match the Aeons. Many times they have exact replacements for many manufacturers parts (only a handful of manufacturers make the bulk of the drivers used). They may suggest a new crossover also.
I was forced to do this when I wanted theater and didn't want to give up my 2 channel mains. Coincident didn't make a center at that time. Speaker City custom designed a center using the same tweeter and a pair of matching woofers. It isn't exact but no one has ever noticed (exept me). This solution for only $200 when the pair of Coincidents were $1799.
Thanks guys for all your help, very good posts and you were very gentle (thank you!).

I'll probably try to beg a friend to use his energy rears and center.

But lets say I get the wife to let me buy a center, then what would be a good economical center that would be in a similar class to the Aeons? Target price range of say, $700?
I'd bet you could find a used ML Cinema near your budget. That way you're matched up front. Position and calibrate any ol' rears and you're good to go until you can spring for ML rears.