Any suggestions where to find used pair B&W 801D?

Am based in Michigan, USA. Would love to find this specific make and model of these spectacular monitors - as a surprise birthday gift for my brother. Need to be in exceptional condition. Any help would be very much appreciated - Ralph

Urge you not to do it. After reviewing these speakers using a pair of Plinius SA-102 Monoblocks; equivalent sound could be achieved by going to home depot purchasing a couple of plastic laundry tubs and two wooden spoons to beat on them. Rarely heard worse sound and muddy bass definition using amps with rock solid bass control.

B&W is one of the worst audio values for the money ranking them in the lowest quartile for performance. Yet B&W ranks in the top 10% of spending on marketing of all speaker manufacturers; hence the impression.

Better to give your brother money and then have him start auditioning any number of speakers providing far better value in this price range. He will be so grateful you did not buy the zip-up onezy with sewn in feet and rabbit ears that he will take you on auditions with him to sample some of what the higher end can offer.
Your best chance, by far, is on this web site. If not, then try some dealers. Maybe they took some in on trade or have a demo pair for sale. Be prepared to drive, though. B&W is absolutely crazy when it comes to shipping anything. Even if its for a legit reason. They would rather loose a customer than do the right thing. So, any dealer will probably make you come into the store even if the speakers are not new.
I know everyone is entitled to their opinion. However, the last post from "Sdrconsultant" is a bit over the top. So, if I gave you a pair of B&W 801D speakers for free, you would presumably stick with your Home Depot plastic laundry tubs and wooden spoons?

I own a pair of B&W N801N speakers (not the D version) and every single person who has listened to my system has been very impressed with the sound and been very contented to carry on listening. Must admit, never had a pair of Home Depot plastic laundry tubs, with accompanying wooden spoons, available during the demos to perform an A-B comparison, so I may be deluding myself here.

A lot of HiFi journalist speak very highly of B&W speakers. In fact, I can't think of a single bad review. For example, Paul Miller the editor of HiFi News (I believe the longest running HiFi magazine in the world) uses a a pair of 802N speakers in his reference system. His comparisons with exotic speakers from the likes of Wilson Audio and Magico have always painted the 802N speakers in a very favorable light. I am not saying the Wilson's and Magico's are not better, they are, but at a very significant cost difference.

Yes, I own B&W speakers (801N, 805N, HTM-1, ASW-850 and CM1) and very happy I do. Isn't this what our hobby is about?
And the SNOW award (Social Negative Of the Week) for the week ending 9/21 goes to Sdrconsultant, for comparing a very fine speaker to a pair of laundry tubs and wooden spoons. Hang out here on AG long enough, and eventually you'll read the equivalent of Fonzie jumping the shark, 4 buses, a 747 and a pair of llamas. That post may have been it.

Fortunately, it was so inane that unless the OP's IQ is lower than the number on Derek Jeter's uniform, his quest won't be derailed by 2nd thoughts about a speaker he's likely ALREADY HEARD or that his brother has likely ALREADY HEARD and likes because, let's face it, this probably isn't a case of the OP waking up one morning with the realization that he needed a gift for this brother's birthday and him thinking..."I could buy him a tie...or a new socket wrench set...I know he'd like a new putter...oh wait, I bet he'd like a pair of B&W 801D speakers!"

To the OP, if it's a birthday gift then you've got a deadline - I'd call every B&W dealer you can looking for them, as well as looking here on AG. I'm guessing that for speakers that size many private sellers may be hesitant to ship, or inexperienced about the process, whereas B&W dealers will be able to move quicker and arrange professional transport more readily. If it were me, and I needed them quickly, I'd do a B&W dealer search from their website and call every dealer in the country, fanning out from the Midwest region. Someone's got to have a trade-in pair. And hope you don't run into too much of the resistance ZD542 mentioned above (and I know what he means). Good luck with your search - that's a heckuva birthday gift, lucky recipient!
Not to defend Sdrconsultant, from reading his post he doesn't need my or anyone's help. The majority of B&W speakers i've heard offer poor price/performance ratio when purchased new. They do have several speakers that offer very good value on the used market...803N/CM9(have not heard the 10 yet)and older 801 Matrix models. The key with B&W speakers is there very amp sensitive. When you get it right there very competitive at there price point when buying pre-owned.
I tried looking for the 801Ds to no avail, so I settled on the JBL S4700s. 2 different animals to be sure; the JBL has horn loaded compression drivers and the B&W has high tech cones and domes. But, they have some things in common in that they're big, heavy, and they both have 15" woofers per cabinet. So, my point is, if you're unable to find the 801Ds, consider the bigger JBLs... Array 1400, S3900, or S4700.
Also, you can get really good deals on new JBL too. The S4700s are $15k list price, and probably can be had for at least 40 percent off of that!
Shipping would be crazy expensive but I think there is a pair in florida.

People are nuts on here and they do not answer the question asked.

You are a great brother.
At this moment there is one pair for sale on:

In europe you will find them more often.

good luck, Bobby
Hey BCGATOR, I'm in BC so of course I like the "snow" reference. I also figured out the sdr part meant 'sadder', as in sad sack (of beans). Cheers.