any suggestions to get best audio from computer???

Just got a new computer and supposed to have a 7.1 surround (mainly interested in 2 channel performance)but now computers have no manuals so haven't found out it's specs yet and I don't see any phono (RCA) outputs all I see is just those awful looking candy colored 1/8" mini jacks.Yuck.Think I have seen a Sound Blaster rig that fits in front slot that has phono in's and 24/96 sound,remote etc and might have set of RCA out's for rear slot.A remote should be coming (rig I bought is demo and it was missing) and has lower end TV tuner card so should have remote access to TV,Radio,etc but w/o inz and outz may not be able to have a good sound.(The TV tuner only has inputs so would have to use only with monitor or HDMI TV I don't yet have).And ultimately I am worried even with good RCA in's and out's put into back slot the computers circut wirring they will have to travel through in computer might nullify the whole pursuit!?!Thoughts?

I remember that just 5 years ago Stereophile featured just a simple 2/496 sound card and it was $500 BUCKS!Now I expect all ad on options should be cheaper.And if I find better in's and outs maybe it will be worth using AR Powered Partners or maybe Sonic Impact Super T into my beloved little B&W 302'sand maybe a cheap sub.If somebody has researched among the many computer sub sats and found a price concious winner would love to hear about it.Will check C/Net and perhaps try to answer some of my own questions and will ad it here if something looks good about sounding good.
Dear Chazz: We designed a CD player based on a computer and we are using ( modified ) professional audio cards by RME and Lynx. The quality sound reproduction is first rate.

If you are interested about please e-mail me.

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Rauliruegas - why so discreet? Perhaps you might share your design attributes in this forum environment. I'm sure we are all interested in "first rate" sound reproduction in this new frontier.
Getting it right from a computer's sound card can be difficult. I suggest getting a squeezebos from slim devices. This puppy can be wireless or you can use an ethernet cannection. Outputs are both analog and digital. It's big brother is the Transporter from slim devices and this was made for both streaming audio and it will decode the music on your computer better than any sound card i am aware of. Cost is high, though.
You can later modify the SB as little (Elpac or Marchand power supply) or as much (Bolder) as your budget allows; software room correction such as Inguz is the future of audio that just happens to be here and now, IMHO.
Dear Slothman: The fact is that I don't have all the time that I wish about.
Normally I post in the analog forum but I will try to share my findings in this forum.

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Raul - looking forward to your findings.

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Thanks fellers.Guess my issue which wasn't mentione dis the crappy wrrring in computers.Even the soundblaster surround card which you can dedicate a solt too has RCA's to plug your rig into but how good are they.Then what wrring path do they follow to AD/DA?Maybe I am missing piont.Guess I should be ahhpy that 24/96 is ubiquitous.As Im nentioned 6 or 7 years ago a 24/96 card was $500 smackers and now it's indutry standard.At least till this HD DVD versus Blue Ray thing get's worked out.I wonder if will be seeing one of those standards form of audio taking over our discs.Know that Sony is kind of weakening promotion of SACD because of a "new best posible".Ahhh rember the years between 1950 and 1980 when it was siply excution of craft that made something better not this didposable format evry five years the bastards have gotten us used to.So much effort for failed formats or ones with limited untiulity (Mini Disc really only beloved by concert tapers).And ther's always the stupidity of Beta versus VHS repeated over and over again with the leasty common denomoinator winning out.But that's how it is.
All you need is a simple 1/8" to RCA adapter. This works extremely well. The adapter is all streight hardwired (by that I mean no wires, solid metal with plastic surrounding it, so it's all very solid and conducts very well). Pick it up at any radio shack.

If you want an amazing card get the Creative labs X-FI elite pro. I bet you could find it online for $250 or less. It uses professional DACs, You'll be blown away by the sound. And dont worry these cards are made to deal with whatever goes on in the PC and be able to put out amazing sound. You can check out my system to see what I did. I actually think this is a more purist and simpler way of doing things and prefer it all on my PC for my front end. I also recommend the firefly remote and the software that comes with it.