Any suggestions on a PC for an aleph P?

Any one try different power cords on there Pass Aleph P preamp? I would like to upgrade mine. Any comments would be helpful.
I was using a Chris VH DIY Flavor 2 on mine but sold it earlier this year after 3 1/2 yrs. Nothing wrong with it-I'm moving to a full function unit.

Anyway, I used the Flavor 2 on my amp but have upgraded to the Flavor 4 with Gold Wattgates. Subtle but noticeable improvement & I just ordered another one today for when I get the new preamp.

As always, YMMV.
I use Zu Varial on all sources, and between the Aleph P and Aleph 3.
Kworks power cord made by a local designer in New Jersey. The cord will outperform all the other cords except the higher priced Shunyatas and Elrod EPS 3 and up (it beat the EPS-2 sig on my CDP).

Happy Listening.
oopps, for some reason I thought you mean't interconnects. I use NBS power cords on all my gear. NBS Professional on the Aleph 3 and NBS Monitor III on the Aleph P.